English Amputees and Les Autres Bowling Association

EALABA logoEalaba serves the needs of Amputee Bowlers and also helps those bowlers whose disability might not qualify for membership of the other founding associations.
They became English Amputee and Les Autres Association after breaking away from the British Association in 2007.
They have bowlers of all abilities from novices to Internationals.
They are a self funding organisation based out of Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club.

Chairman Gary Swift – Email:
Secretary Ros Otton – Email:

British Wheelchair Bowls Association

BWBA logo The BWBA is recognized as the governing body for wheelchair bowls in the UK. It is available to help bowlers, clubs, associations and anyone with the interest of the wheelchair bowlers at heart. It is a registered charity and has to raise all of its funds as it has no government or official funding. To carry on it relies on the generosity of others.

Paul Brown (Chairman)
Ian Blackmore (Vice Chairman)

Visually Impaired Bowls England

VIBE logo Visually Impaired Bowls England is made up of more than 50 member clubs and has more than 600 members set up to provide or to assist in the provision of facilities to encourage visually impaired persons to play the game of bowls so that their conditions of life may be improved.

Originally formed in 1975 – to provide, or to assist in the provision of, facilities to encourage visually impaired persons to play the game of bowls so that their conditions of life may be improved – the organisation is looked upon as one of the world leaders for blind bowls.
The organisation is run by volunteers who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. It is responsible for organising bowls tournaments throughout England and is the official body for selecting teams to represent England in international events.

Acting Chairperson:  Mr David Mears
Tel: 0208 905 9266


CP Sport logoBowls has always been part of Cerebral Palsy Sport and we have seen a lot of changes in the sport over the years. Cerebral palsy bowlers are welcomed into mainstream clubs, taking part in pan-disability or even mainstream competitions.

We are now looking to drive the sport further by developing a new programme of activities for Cerebral Palsy Sport members, with the aim of introducing ‘fresh blood’ to the sport.

This game is for all ages. In Sydney in Australia you will find plenty of young people playing the game – there is no reason why we can’t increase the number of young players coming in to the sport in this country.

National Bowls Development Officer: Ed Pearse
Tel: 0115 925 7027
Mobile: 07548 931457
Address: Cerebral Palsy Sport, Unit 5, Heathcoat Building, Nottingham Science Park, University Boulevard, Nottingham, NG7 2QJ.

Bowls Development Alliance

BDA logoTel: 01664 777001
Address: Pera Business Park, Nottingham Road, Melton Mowbray, Leics, LE13 0PB

Bowls England

Bowls England logoBowls England is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of Flat Green Lawn Bowls in England. It was formed as a company limited by guarantee on 1st January 2008 following a unification of the English Bowling Association (EBA) and English Women’s Bowling Association (EWBA).


English Indoor Bowls Association

EIBA logoThe National Governing Body for Indoor Level Green Bowls In England.