Commonwealth Games 2018 – DBE Results

Mixed B2/B3 Pairs Sect. A


Lead – Alison Yearling:  Lead Director – Susan Wherry:

Skip – Steve Simmons: Skip Director – Mark Wherry

5th April R1:  England 6 – Scotland 16

6th April R2:  England 17 – Australia 16

7th April R3:  England 11 – Wales 21

8th April R4:  England 8 – South Africa 19

9th April R5:  England 13 – New Zealand 16

10th April Semi-Finals

South Africa vs Wales & Australia vs Scotland

Open B6/B7/B8 Triples Sect. A


Lead – Kieran Rollings:  Second – Paul Brown:

Skip – Mike Robertson

5th April R1:  England 13 – RSA 13

6th April R2:  England 13 – New Zealand 12

7th April R3:  England 16 – Australia 12

8th April R4:  England 18 – Scotland 10

9th April R5:  England 13 – Wales 15

11th April Semi-Finals

Australia 15 vs South Africa 7 & England 10 vs New Zealand 18

12th April

Gold – Australia 14 vs New Zealand 13

Bronze – South Africa 16 vs England 13

Kieran Rollings CG 2018
Paul Brown & Mo Monkton CG 2018
Mike Robertson & Mo Monkton CG 2018


AMBASSADOR for Disability Bowls England

England Captain BOB LOVE appointed as the first AMBASSADOR for Disability Bowls England

Bob Love is one of the top para bowls players in the world. He won medals at the Paralympics, World Bowls Championships, a prestigious bronze medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and is a regular member and Captain of the Disability Bowls England International Squad. Continue reading “AMBASSADOR for Disability Bowls England”

DBE National Indoor Open Pairs – 2018


32 bowlers competed at Solihull IBC for the National Indoor Open Pairs on Saturday 10th February. The pairs were as follows:-

NPC Participants 2018
NPC Participants 2018

Irene Cheer & Steve Angus
Kieran Rollings & Bob Love
Barry & Steven Nicholson
Kevin Vernon & Helen Wood
Tim Swann & Khalila Hussein
Gary Swift & Mac otton
Chris Richards & Colin Wagstaff
Dave Fisher & Jonathan Stokes
Barry Jones and Chris Gray
Steve Ireland & Bob Henstridge
Paul Hawkes & David Walker
Alex Comack & Steve Bigg
Alastair Domville & Becky Connelly
Keith Haggerwood & Steve Smith
Fynn Kyser & Harry Atkin
Mike Robins & Brian King

The competition was a Knockout format with the first round losers going into a Plate competition thus guaranteeing all teams a minimum of 2 matches.

It was a well contested tournament with a good mixture of disabilities and abilities. There were bowlers from all parts of the country, some new faces and many familiar ones.

These ‘Open’ competitions are a good opportunity for some of our less experienced bowlers to have a ‘crack’ at some of the seasoned players and in some cases beat them. The best way to learn and improve your own game is to play against experienced, successful players.

The day went very well and the competition was played in good spirit. The Solihull volunteers were very helpful and the club welcoming.

The finalists of the main event were Barry Jones (Canvey Island) & Chris Grey (Kettering) vs Dave Fisher (Colchester) & Jonathan Stokes (Luton).

Champions Jonathan Stokes & Dave Fisher
Champions Jonathan Stokes & Dave Fisher

Congratulations go to Dave and Jonathan, 2018 National Indoor Open Pairs Champions

The Plate finalists were Alex Comack (Barwell) & Steve Bigg (Wellingborough) vs Mac Otton (Warwick) & Gary Swift (Harrogate).

Congratulations to the Plate winners Gary and Mac

Championship & Plate Finalists
Championship & Plate Finalists

Full score sheets can be viewed on the attachment:-  Championship Score Sheet

Trophies were presented by Paul Rees, Director of Solihull IBC.

I look forward to receiving your entries to our future events.

Margaret Smith, DBE Competition Sec.