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Profile and promotion of Disability Bowls England

One of the key organisations involved in Disability Bowls August, is Disability Bowls England (DBE). While DBE has been working tirelessly over a number of years, many clubs and individuals are still unaware of its existence and its role. For today’s Disability Bowls August press release, the Bowls Development Alliance have asked Paul Brown (Chair of DBE), to provide a profile of the organisation:Paul Brown

DBE has a long history of engaging disabled bowlers, as unlike mainstream bowls, disability bowls’ origins lie within the disability specific multi sport organisations and clubs. It was one of many sports offered to people with a physical and or visual impairment. Therefore in 2004 a ‘bowls’ specific umbrella organisation was formed and named ‘Disability Bowls England’, bringing together the existing organisations, primarily for communication and selection purposes.

In 2014 it was decided to modernise the organisation and to establish a formal legal structure to enable it develop into the future. Disability Bowls England was therefore reborn as a Registered Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee with the overall charitable objects of;

“The charitable purposes of the charity are, in the interests of social welfare and with the object of improving the condition of life of people with disabilities, to facilitate their participation in the sport of bowls.”

The overall vision is to be the governing and co-coordinating body of bowls for players of all ages and abilities with a physical, sensory or learning disability.  DBE has the vision of developing opportunities and improving performance in disability sport athletes and players with a physical, sensory or learning disability in England and contributing to UK and international initiatives.  DBE is currently working with its key partners to establish a national strategy which will direct the work of the Association through to 2017 and beyond.

To enable DBE to do this they intend to create links with the current bowls clubs in both indoor and outdoor disciplines, identifying and developing regional hubs of excellence, enabling us to signpost people in the right directions. To offer membership to individuals, clubs and other organisations which will enable them to receive newsletters, information regarding all areas of disability bowls, equipment required, events coming up etc and the opportunity to sit on members’ forums to discuss disability bowls.

Furthermore, DBE intend to run a programme of events on a regional basis using the above links with clubs, and on a national basis in both indoor and outdoor disciplines. The events will range from training sessions using trained coaches, fun sessions, or competition. DBE will also be looking to develop international events which go along side existing events. Part of this will be developing a talent pathway, to enable everyone to choose a level in which they can play at, whether that just be for fun recreation or to represent England.

For further information please contact: Paul Brown, Chairperson DBE

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