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DBE vs Horsham & District IBC

DBE vs Horsham & District IBC

A second friendly match between DBE and Horsham & District IBC took place on Sunday 27th January.  Due to last minute changes reserves had to be called upon from members friends.  The squad comprised:  Steve Smith, Georgia Tucker, Chris Richards, Tony Richards, Stuart Read, Paul Stone, Clive Bennet, Phil Armstrong, Margaret Armstrong, Howard Joslin, Bob Henstridge, Colin Milner, Cliff Ainsworth, Jake, Thomas, Dylan & David Martin and Captain Steve Ireland.

The highlight of the day was our youngest  triples Jake lead, our youngest DBE member Thomas second and Dylan skip, ages 6, 8 & 11.  They won there rink with dad David Martin, I gave them top rink and they received chocolate bar each.

The game was played in good spirits and they have asked us back next year .

The final score was 80 DBE – 109 Horsham.

Three winning rinks – DBE, three winning rinks – Horsham so I said it was a draw LOL.

Report – Stephen Ireland

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