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DBE v Didcot BC

Had a great day and really proud to have captained such a great bunch.

Really proud to captain the DBE team v Didcot B C the welcome from the home team members was as warm as the weather, tea, coffee and biscuits ready on our arrival.

As always the bowls matches were very competitive but played in a very friendly atmosphere and we had a good laugh on our rink.

The DBE team results as follows
Rink 1
1. Thomas Martin/Liam Tucker
2. Fynn Kyser
Skip. Khalila Hussain
Result DBE 8 Didcot 11

Rink 3
1. Jason Page
2. Kris Rose
Skip. Colin Wagstaff (Capt)
Result DBE 12 Didcot 11

Rink 5
1. Richard Carey
2. Jeanette Maisey
Skip. Richard Ball
Result DBE 12 Didcot 18

Rink 7
1. Jamie Pugsley
2. Denise Rolland
Skip. Jerry Sanders
Result DBE 12 Didcot 11

So after 15 ends of very friendly yet extremely competitive bowls it finished 2 – 2 we won’t worry about the points lol both DBE wins came on the last end.
After the match there was filled rolls and cake served and lots more laughs between the players before we thanked Didcot members and headed home.

Report by Colin Wagstaff and photos taken by Sandra Groves.

VI Pairs Report


Sundays 6th JUNE 2021

Five pairs, of varying degrees of sight loss but with a combined maximum of B5, came together for a wonderful day of bowls, hosted by Basingstoke Town B.C. Our hosts couldn’t do enough for us and we were royally treated to tea and biscuits on arrival, a great value lunch and liquid refreshments throughout the day. This was Basingstoke’s first time hosting a DBE event and they would be eager to host this event again (and others) in future years and, based on everything we experienced, I would recommend returning in the future.
The five pairs played a full, round-robin competition, which allowed each pair one ‘session off’ out of the five sessions of play. Games were contested over 7 ends or 1 hour, whichever came first, with a ‘handicap’ system in place, giving a 2-shot start for every pair including a B1 (totally blind) player. This gave one pair a 4-shot advantage in most games – a not inconsiderable advantage in such a short game.
After four rounds out of the five had been completed, one pair (Jeanette Maisey and Stephen Hartley) had finished their games, with 4 points from their 2 wins and a -1 shot difference. The ‘crunch’ match in Session 5 was that between Eric Gallacher (B1) and Gareth Harwood (B4) versus Alison Yearling (B3) and Geoff Wherry (B2). Eric and Gareth scored a resounding victory to take the title with 6 points and a shot difference of +20, with Alison & Geoff finishing in ‘joint’ third place with Maurice Williams and Sam Dickson (4pts and -7), leaving Jeanette and Stephen as runners-up.
Many thanks to President Margaret at Basingstoke – and to all her team for their wonderful support. A fantastic day!!

David Stott
VI Coach and Board Member – DBE