Disability Kitemark

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Disability Kitemark.

This kitemark represents another step forward for Disability Bowls within England. In 2014, the inaugural National Disability Strategic Action Plan was launched and within it was a stated collective desire from all parties involved to recognise and reward affiliated clubs who were operating to a desired standard and providing participation opportunities and a welcoming environment for disabled people. It is absolutely essential that all clubs strive to be as inclusive as possible and embed themselves within their local community, and this kitemark represents a way to recognise clubs who are already doing this.

The pack which can be obtained from ourselves has been designed by the National Disability Steering Group to be as user friendly as possible with a recognition that, in the majority of cases, those completing it will be volunteers. There is no desire to create unnecessary paperwork, but equally it is important that the kitemark assessment process is thorough and gives sufficient confidence to those external to the process that each club who undertakes the process is operating to an equal minimum standard. It is this consistency that will give the kitemark, and the clubs who are awarded it, the credibility and profile they deserve.

Aside for the recognition that the kitemark will bring to clubs, it will also allow national and local bowling and/or disabled organisations to have the confidence to recommend your club’s facilities to disabled. And non disabled people, who wish to take up bowls.

There are a number of clubs who already strive to be as inclusive as possible and embed themselves within their local community and this kitemark represents a way to recognise that.

If your club would like to be considered for the kitemark please take a look through the attached document which takes you through the criteria. If you think your club might satisfy the criteria and would like to be considered then please email: paul.brown@disabilitybowlsengland.org.uk for information on the next steps.

Thank you for being a leading part of a process that will deliver Significant improvements for disabled people inside and outside of our sport.

Kitemark Pack

Please download the Kitemark pack: