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DBE vs Cove Bowls Club, Report

DBE vs Cove Bowls Club

On Saturday 6 July DBE played Cove BC at Cove, Hampshire.  A big thank you to Jo Walsh, captain of Cove BC for making DBE so welcome and for providing Peter Davies to play for us.  The match was played in a fantastic spirit with conditions to match and was enjoyed by all on a beautiful sunny afternoon.  The green was in fantastic condition and running very fast.  All the DBE team would like to give a big thank you to the catering staff for the post match buffet which was superb.  DBE were made to feel extremely welcome.  Stars of the day were undoubtedly or juniors Jake, Thomas and Dylan Martin who all played excellently. 
The Martin Family
The Martin Family
Gill Platt
Gill Platt

Clive Bennett
Clive Bennett
Excellent delivery action
Excellent delivery action

Rink 2 – lead  – Jake Martin
                  2     – Dave Martin
                skip  – Gill Platt
Result – Cove 10 DBE 24 
Rink 3 – lead – Clive Bennett
                  2    – Peter Davies (Cove BC player)
               skip – Stu Read
Result – Cove 22 DBE 9
Rink 4 – lead – Thomas Martin
                  2    – Dylan Martin
               skip  – Colin Milner
Result – Cove 17 DBE 13
Everyone involved would like to make this match an annual fixture.
Report by Stu Read, DBE Match Captain.

DBE Board Announcement


Disability Bowls England is delighted to announce the appointment of Mike Robertson and Matt Wordingham to its Board of Trustees.

Robertson is no stranger to the Disability Bowls England scene, representing Team England at the Commonwealth Games in Australia last year.

With more than 35 years’ experience on the green, Robertson joined Kieran Rollings and Paul Brown in the para-triples team that narrowly missed out on a medal at the Games.

Robertson won the Bowls England men’s triples title with brothers Ean and Tristan Morton in 2017 and followed that up by securing the British Isles triples crown the following year. He is a regular in Huntingdonshire’s Middleton Cup team and won DBE’s national singles in 2017 as well as earning the Player of the Year award.

Mike joins the Board of Trustees with a wealth of qualifications and experience within finance and accountancy.

Also joining the Board is Matt Wordingham, who is employed by Bowls England as its Publications and Media Officer.

Matt has worked at the national governing body since 2013, after graduating from the University of Huddersfield with a degree in Sports Journalism and Media.

His previous roles before joining Bowls England include media positions with Huddersfield Town Football Club, BBC Sport and with the International Paralympic Committee during the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

As a former competitive bowler, Wordingham has represented both Northamptonshire and Warwickshire in the Middleton Cup, as well as reaching numerous national finals and being a squad member of the men’s junior international team in 2015.

Following the appointments, DBE Chair Paul Brown said: “I am pleased that Mike and Matt have joined the Board of Trustees at Disability Bowls England. Both have offered a lot of support to us over the years and I am confident that they will be able to drive DBE forward in the areas of their expertise.”

Along with Chair Paul Brown, Robertson and Wordingham join Shirley Hughes OBE, Bob Love, Duggie Mitchell, Margaret Smith, Ray Smith and David Stott as Trustees of Disability Bowls England.

Following indication of retirement from some of the current Trustees, DBE is ideally seeking to appoint two further Trustees to join its Board. Volunteers in various areas throughout the year are also welcomed. If you feel that you can offer your time, please contact Paul on 07810 868015 or by emailing

Plant Weld Triples Competition 2019

Plant Weld Triples Competition

Ten teams of triples competed over the 2 days.  Teams were split into two groups played a round robin with the top 4 teams competing for the prizes.

Competition was very keen with many close matches.

Group 1 with one round to go, found two teams on 4 points and Colin Wagstaff’s team on 6.  The final round, Colin’s team kept a clean sheet and finished on 8 points, Ray Kirks team finished in second place on 6 points and went on to play-off for 3rd or 4th place.

Group two, with one round to go looked to be a forgone conclusion. John Greaves’ team finished their four matches on 6 points with plus 26 shots.  The remaining four teams all had one match to play.  Ray Smith and Gary Swift’s teams were both on 4 points, and their last match was against each other.  Their shots differences of plus 16 and plus 14 respectively left them both needing to win by an awful lot of shots which seemed unlikely as both teams had played so well in their previous matches.  Gary’s team shifted up a gear and won the last match by an amazing 21 shots finishing with a total of 6 points and plus 35 shots.  Disappointing for John’s team but they did play off for the 3rd and 4th prize.

Final placings were as follows;

1st – Gary Swift, Bob Love & Helen Wood
2nd – Mick Lawrence, Daniel Adams & Colin Wagstaff

3rd – John Greaves, Lee Whiteley & Brandon Taylor
4th – Brian Subden, Ray Kirk & Dylan Morton

Prizes and prize money was generously sponsored by Doug Carlin of Plant Wedling, Colwick , Nottingham.  Doug, his wife Gill and granddaughter Sky, all in the above photos, came along to present the prizes.

The Gedling helpers were wonderful as always with many of them coming along to watch when they weren’t working on the green.

Several new faces and many old ones in the competition making for another successful weekend.

Margaret Smith


DBE Regional Singles Winners – 2019

DBE Regional Singles Winners – 2019

NORTH (1 group) Winner  – GARY SWIFT;  Runner up – Chris Turnball,

MIDLANDS (1 group) Winner – RHYS TAYLOR;  Runner up – Bill Eley

EAST (2 groups) Winners – KIERAN ROLLINGS & MIKE ROBERTSON;  Runners up – Colin Milner & Dylan Morton

SOUTH (2 groups) Winners – STEVE IRELAND & STEVE SIMMONS;  Runners up – Dave Fisher & Gill Platt

WEST (2 groups) Winners – PAUL BROWN & MIKE DISTON;  Runners up – Anthony Page & Darron Moon

A total of 40 bowlers entered the singles playing off at 5 venues competing for the final 8 places to be played off at Leamington Spa on Sunday 14th July.

Results from the various venues showed many very closely contested matches often with bowlers losing out by 1 or 2 shots only.

Feedback from the ‘Host Clubs’ was very positive, and all of our bowlers should be proud of their performances and their conduct on the green.

Congratulations to the qualifiers and commiserations to the rest, as the saying goes ‘If at first you don’t succeed, TRY, TRY AGAIN’.

Margaret Smith, DBE Competition Secretary.

DBE vs Harrogate Indoor Bowls Club

DBE Harrogate IBC.     20th May 2019.

From 11.30 the players and supporters started to arrive, by 12.30 the vast majority had arrived and the atmosphere and expectation had increased, it was a glorious day and the sun had got it’s hat on.

The teams were picked and the rinks sorted, DBE players were as follows:-

Rink 1. Steven Nicholson, Keith Urquhart, Harry Atkins and Steve Angus

Rink 2. Lee Whitely, Gemma Broadhead, John Greaves and Helen Wood

Rink 3. Claire Domville, Tim Swan, Alastair Domville and Gary Swift (Claire stood in for Keith Haggerwood who unfortunately forgot his wheel chair)

Rink 4. Barry Nicholson, Julie Crowe, Jeff Crowe and Bob Love

After the photographs of both teams were taken and the formalities concluded the match began.

There was some excellent bowling on display on all rinks by both teams, the scores were evenly matched throughout the whole game and there was plenty of friendly banter shared amongst the players and supporters throughout. 

DBE got off to a great start with Helen Wood’s team winning 30 – 10, it went slightly down hill after that.  Next off was Bob Love’s team who were 14 – 14 after 16 ends but eventually lost 18 – 14.  Then Steve Angus’s team came off losing 22 – 16 after dropping a three on their last end.  Then some 30 minutes later after four killed ends, Gary Swift’s team came off needing one shot on the last end to get an overall victory for DBE but unfortunately they lost the end by one shot, losing 20 – 10.

So the final score was a draw: DBE 70 – Harrogate IBC, 70. 

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with both teams asking for a rematch.

After the closing speeches were concluded there was a chorus of happy birthday for Tim Swan and cake for everyone.

Report by Gary Swift, DBE  & Harrogate IBC

Photo gallery:  DBE vs Harrogate

DBE vs Howard Park Bowls Club

DBE vs Howard Park Bowls Club

On Saturday 11 May DBE played Howard Park at Basingstoke. A big thank you to Peter Bench, captain of Howard Park, for making DBE so welcome and for providing Ian Gourlay and David Collins to play for us.  The match was played in a fantastic spirit with conditions to match and was enjoyed by all. The facilities at Howard Park in their newly refurbished pavilion were second to none.  The green was excellent.  All the DBE team would like to give a big thank you to the catering staff for the post match buffet which was superb.  All at DBE were made to feel extremely welcome and are looking forward to playing there in the future.

Rink 2 – lead Clive Bennett, Ian Gourlay (Howard Park player) & skip  – Stu Read (DBE captain)
Result – home 16 away 13

Rink 3 – lead Khalilia Hussain, Jeanette Maisey & skip – Richard Ball (Visual Director)
Result – home 8 away 31

Rink 4 – lead Steven Smith, David Collins (Howard Park player) & skip – Colin Milner
Result – home 18 away 16

Final result: DBE 60 Howard Park 42

Match report Stu Read

DBE Maiden Pairs 2019 Report


Initially, it was a disappointing turnout for the DBE Maiden Pairs event with 2 teams withdrawing just before the event and another pulling out on the day due to illness.

The competition format was changed to a round robin with the bowlers consent and it all turned out well!

This competition is run for all DBE bowlers who haven’t won a major event such as a National or County competition or represented England.  We also run a Maiden Singles for those same bowlers that will be held later this year.

The winners of the Maiden Pairs were twins, Barry and Steven Nicholson winning all of their matches. Runners up were Colin Wagstaff and Daniel Adams. Also competing were Harry Atkins and Keith Haggerwood, Alex Comack and Andrew Bayston, Claire and Alastair Domville. Each team played a total of 4 matches.

DBE Maiden Pairs Competitors 2019
Champions – Barry & Steven Nicholson
DBE Maiden Pairs Winners with organiser Maggy Smith

At the presentation we wished Barry, Steven, Daniel and Harry ‘All the best’ for their trip to Falkirk in June representing England in the first Home Nations event for bowlers with learning difficulties.

Margaret Smith, DBE Competition Secretary.

Fund Raising for DBE

DBE would like all members, players, volunteers, coaches & clubs to do some fund raising.  Attached is a poster showing some ideas that may help.  Disability Bowls England is a registered Charity, it is reliant upon such donations and would very much appreciate your support.

Download a poster:  Fund Raising.pdf

Thank you for your support – Mo Monkton, Performance and Development Manager