To enable us to deliver on our Vision Statement and strategy it has been necessary to develop key partnerships with other organisations, which you can see listed below.

These have been crucial in our development so far and will definitely play a key role in any future work.

Bowls England (BE)Bowls England logo

Bowls England is the National Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of Outdoor Flat Green Lawn Bowls in England.

DBE are an Associate Member of Bowls England.


English Indoor Bowling Association (EIBA)EIBA logo

The EIBA is the National Governing Body for the sport of Indoor Level Green Bowls In England.

DBE are an Associate Member of English Indoor Bowling Association.


British Crown Green Bowling Association (BCGBA)BCGBA logo

The BCGBA is the National Governing Body for the sport of British Crown Green Bowling.


The English Bowls Umpire Association (EBUA)EBUA logo

Formed in April 2010 following the unification of the English Men’s and Ladies Umpires Associations, the EBUA is the governing body of Umpires & Markers in England for the Sport of Bowls played on a level green both outdoors and indoors. They are responsible for appointing Umpires to any events as requested by the local, national, and international governing bodies of the Sport of Bowls.


Bowls Development Alliance (BDA)Bowls Development Alliance logo

The Bowls Development Alliance (BDA) is an umbrella organisation for the sport of bowls. Since 2009, the work of the alliance has evolved to satisfy the strict criteria laid down by Sport England.


Activity AllianceActivity Alliance logo

Activity Alliance (previously known as the English Federation of Disability Sport). We join members, partners and disabled people to make active lives possible. Together, we challenge perceptions and change the reality of disability, inclusion and sport.


English Amputees and Les Autres Bowling Association (EALABA)EALABA logo

Serves the needs of Amputee Bowlers and also helps those bowlers whose disability might not qualify for membership of the other founding associations.


British Wheelchair Bowls Association (BWBA)BWBA logo

Is recognized as the governing body for wheelchair bowls in the UK. It is available to help bowlers, clubs, associations and anyone with the interest of the wheelchair bowlers at heart.


Visually Impaired Bowls England (VIBE)VIBE logo

Visually Impaired Bowls England is made up of more than 50 member clubs and has more than 600 members set up to provide or to assist in the provision of facilities to encourage visually impaired persons to play the game of bowls so that their conditions of life may be improved.


Learning Disabilities Indoor Bowls International Series

The Learning Disabilities Indoor Bowls International Series main aim is to provide International Team style events to be played on a yearly basis for the Athletes, and rotated around each participating Country. Through the combined enthusiasm and passion of the organising team, the wonderful event volunteers, the participating nations Head Coaches, athletes, coaches and parents, there is a bright future for LDIBIS.

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CP SPORTCP Sport logo

Bowls has always been part of Cerebral Palsy Sport and we have seen a lot of changes in the sport over the years. Cerebral palsy bowlers are welcomed into mainstream clubs, taking part in pan-disability or even mainstream competitions.


WheelpowerWheelpower logo

Bowls is now recognised as one of the most accessible and integrated sports readily available and can be played by almost anyone, with or without a disability. In recent years the game has become far more accessible to people with disabilities, the development of wheelchairs designed especially for bowling greens to prevent damage to the greens along with several other aids enabling more participation in the sport.


Bowls Internationalbowlsinternational-logo

Since its launch in 1981, Bowls International has been the go-to place for bowlers. Why? Because everyone who is involved with the magazine is passionate about bowls.

We offer news, reviews, debates, features and coaching tips but we also highlight the issues. The result is a monthly magazine packed with articles that you will not find elsewhere- what’s happening on the greens and in the game right now. We pride ourselves on what we deem to be an ideal blend of interesting, entertaining, informative and instructive articles, supported by the latest news and views from some of the sport’s biggest and influential names.

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