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Member ClubsBowls is “A Sport for All” with just over 106,000 members and 2,096 affiliated clubs to Bowls England and 81,876 members and 271 affiliated clubs to English Indoor Bowls Association. It is one of a few sports where 3 generations of the same family with or without disabilities can play a sport together and one of the most accessible and integrated sports readily available.

Otter St Mary Bowling ClubIn recent years the game has become far more accessible for bowlers of all ages & gender with physical, sensory or learning (Intellectual) disabilities. Not all disabled bowlers need to use a wheelchair, but for those that do, there are specially designed wheelchairs for lawn and indoor bowling greens to prevent damage to the greens. Many other bowling aids have been designed and are now available enabling greater participation in the sport at all levels.

Member ClubsDBE pride ourselves in finding inclusive clubs for our members & first-time social players to join and enjoy the game, with disabled bowlers playing alongside and in competition with other club members with or without a disability. Friendship and support networks are formed that facilitate the improvement of an individual’s skills, their physical & mental wellbeing and confidence & self-worth, whilst providing the club a broad, diverse and inclusive membership base.

Member clubsWhether you are a Club with existing disabled bowlers, an inclusive club with accessible facilities or you have been looking to develop disability bowls we would love to hear from you and have your club added to our Disability Bowls Club Finder.

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If you would like to know more about membership or be involved in future Disability Bowls England events why not join our growing organisation, please email our Development Officers: Development Officer (North of England) Development Officer (South of England)

Please note, we are currently working with a number of Bowls clubs up and down the Country and our Member Clubs can be found on our Club Finder, however more Bowls clubs are available and can be found:

Before attending a club, we encourage people to make contact and establish facilities are sufficient to meet individual needs.

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