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Disability Bowls England’s (DBE) mission is to help you find just the right equipment that enables you to carry on playing the sport you love or to start playing bowls for the very first time. Together with our retail partner, Bush Hill Bowls, we have put together a selection of the best bowling aids for people with all kinds of different needs, as well as shoes, bowls, chalks and other equipment you might need to help you overcome physical challenges and enjoy your game with likeminded people.

You can also call our disability equipment helpline 0203 745 1960, where qualified bowls coaches can listen to your questions, discuss your specific issues and offer advice on what equipment might help you start or continue your enjoyment of Bowls with confidence.

Every sportswoman and man needs to have the right equipment to play their chosen sport – and the governing bodies of all sports recognise this. That’s why all the bowling aids and equipment in our shop showcase are approved for use by bowlers with any kind of disability in every modality of the sport and in all Friendly, League, County and National and International competitions.