In order for disabled participants to participate in inclusive Bowls activities it may be necessary for individuals or clubs to purchase adaptive equipment. We have therefore prepared a list of equipment items that are available.


UBI Launcher Full
UBI Launcher Full

The UBI LAUNCHER delivery aid is lightweight (40g or 14.2 ozs), adjustable (extends from 30″ to 48″), durable and most of all affordable. If you suffer from a bad back, back hips or bad knees then the Ubi Launcher™ may be just the delivery aid you’ve been looking for. Just a few short minutes and you should be back playing the game of Lawn Bowls that you love. There is no grip strength required as there is with a bowling arm.

At the end of your game you can easily undo the two pieces and transport the Launcher section in your bag and carry the adjustable pole alongside. It collapses to a reasonably short length!

So why not start a Bowls trend that saved the game of Curling?

UBI Launcher Up Close
UBI Launcher Up Close

Has the Ubi-Launcher® been approved for official play?
World Bowls have said it is up to the local associations to determine to what extent any delivery aid may be used.  They also point out that any local associations should be very aware of the disability laws regarding making our sport inclusive for all before making their decision.

Please note:- Bowls England and Bowls Scotland have resolved that the Ubi-launcher may be used in all events under their jurisdiction.

There is a short video on our website which shows how to use the launcher.

The RRP is £60 with delivery free of charge. To purchase, either email or contact Taylor Bowls directly on:
Tel: +44 (0)141 554 5255
Address: Taylor Bowls Ltd, 217 Bernard Street, Glasgow, G40 3NB.


Bowls BuddySupplied by Whitehead Bowls, Unit 3, Acorn Park, Marsh Lane, Bridgwater, Somerset TA6 6LQ

Contact: Duncan Whitehead



More details:  Bowls Buddy Leaflet

Please refer any queries to the supplier and for an up to date price.

Bowls Royce Bowls Wheelchair

The Bowls Royce is offered in two models – Manual and Electric.

The manual model – ‘Bowls Royce-SP’is self-propelled using traditional wheelchair power – your own arms or a colleague. Someone on your rink or a fifth member of your team – pushes you to each delivery position. It’s no different to the batsman who has a runner between the wickets.

The battery-powered model – ‘Bowls Royce-BP’ gives the bowler complete independence of movement. It is based on the same wheelchair frame as the manual model, developed by Bush Hill Bowls in conjunction with disability sports engineering charity ReMap.



Supplied by Whitehead Bowls, Unit 3, Acorn Park, Marsh Lane, Bridgwater, Somerset. TA6 6LQ

Contact: Duncan Whitehead



More details:  Chairiot Bowls Wheelchair

Price inclusive of delivery £1995.00 +VAT  (Price as of 12th June 2017)

Please refer any queries to the supplier and for an up to date price.



The Para-Handy Bowling Wheelchair is a specially designed self-propelled wheelchair suitable for both indoor and outdoor bowling greens. The Para-Handy Bowling Wheelchair with its variable height settings is suitable to bowlers of all ages.

Approved by the British Wheelchair Bowling Association.

For more information:


Bradshaw Bowls BuggyUNIQUE FEATURES of the Bradshaw Bowls Buggy
The Bradshaw Bowls Buggy is not just a wheelchair with wide wheels. It is a purpose-designed machine for playing bowls with maximum efficiency.

The main wheels are very wide and are capable of dissipating over 20 stone or 140 kilos on a soft surface. By setting the wheels under the seat and inside the main frame there is no need to compromise their width because they do not interfere with the bowling action.

Bradshaw Bowls BuggyThe centre of gravity position can be moved forward or backward by adjusting the main wheel location forward or backward. This ensures all the weight is always on the large wheels and not on the small ones whatever the persons weight or size.

Setting small wheels at the rear ensures they cannot dig in when the person comes forward to bowl. The Bradshaw Bowls Buggy rocks forward onto the large foot plate and actually lifts the small wheels off the ground!

If you would like more information regarding the Bradshaw Bowls Buggy please email or contact manufacturer Peter Breadshaw directly on Phone now (24 hours service)
Tel: +44 (0)1275 84 80 70
Address: Bradshaw Bowls Buggies, 88 South Road, Portishead, Bristol BS20 7DY

Guiseley Mobility can convert any bowls wheelchairs to powered units so that more people can bowl unassisted i.e. Amputees  stroke victims etc we have converted many already for Bristol, Devon & Taunton.

For more information:  Guiseley Mobility


We are able to offer the following equipment:

We are currently in negotiations with potential suppliers of all of the below equipment so in the future you will be able to purchase these items through ourselves.

Also if you are aware of items of equipment that you use to play bowls please let us know and we will include it here to assist others.


Magnifying Glass


New Age Bowls Set


Bowls Gatherer


The English Bowling Association Charity Trust is a registered Charity and was established by deed 5th November 1980 to help Bowlers past and present and their dependants, who may be in need of financial assistance.  They are sponsored by Bowls England and the English Indoor Bowling Association and assists Bowlers who become disabled in any way to continue to enjoy playing, by making grants available for “bowling aids” including wheelchairs.  The Trust will be glad to receive applications for assistance from any source within bowls. Please apply direct to the Chairman. All applications will be investigated in strict confidence.  Please see for more information.


We are also looking to develop a Loan Scheme as we are aware of instances where individuals would like to play bowls but do not have access to any equipment, and also the opposite that equipment is available but not being used.

If you do have any equipment which you are currently not using please contact us on