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Mens Open Pairs Report

Men’s Pairs Report

Rugby Railway Bowls Club was once again the venue for the Men’s Pairs competition, this year 6 pairs plus 10 individual players entered the event. Club Captain Vanessa did the draws for pairs from the individual entries and then did the draw for the competition.

In the first session only 3 matches took place to get the quarter finalists in the main draw, with Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh, Craig Bowler & John Greaves and Steve Simmons & Peter Cave advancing. Rhys Taylor & Harry Atkin, Colin Wagstaff & Daniel Adams and Michael Purves & Thomas Martin moved into the Plate competition.

In the Quarter Finals some close matches were played including a 7 – 6 victory by Tom Rigby & Luke Smith, also advancing to the Semi Finals were Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh, Steve Simmons & Peter Cave and Romney Denning & Fynn Kyser. Tim Swann & Peter Vickers, Ryan Richmond & Kevin Betteridge and Chris Gray and John Hollowell moved into the Plate competition.

An extra session was required to get the Semi Finalist with Tim Swann & Peter Vickers beat Michael Purves and Thomas Martin and advanced to the Semi Final.

The Semi Finals were keenly contested with Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh and Romney Denning & Fynn Kyser advancing to the Final. In the plate competition Rhys Taylor & Harry Atkin and Chris Gray & John Hollowell advanced to the Final.

In the Final the match started tightly and after 4 ends the score was 3 -2 and after 6 ends it was 5 – 4. On the next 2 ends a 2 and a 3 made the score 10 – 4 with a 1 on the last end making the final score 10 – 5 to the winners Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh.

In the Plate Final after 4 ends the score was 5 – 2 then a run of 8 winning ends to the end of the match made the final score 5 – 11 to the winners Chris Gray & John Hollowell.

We would like to thank Rugby Railway Bowls Club for hosting the competition and their hospitality, providing lunch for players and supporters and running a raffle over the weekend with the proceeds being donated to Disability Bowls England.

DBE v Preston IBC

Played our match at Preston IBC 19 Dec Bob Henstridge Sussex ambassador was in attendance.

We were warmly welcomed by Maureen Smalldrdge captain of the Preston Club today and started with a spider which made £24 for Disability Bowls England.

Members of the Preston Club Made us very welcome the match went well , disability Bowls England won the match 81 shots to 51 shots , everybody had a delightful time much camaraderie , laughter played in very good spirits.

We had four new members which were welcomed by all Disability players , they were Peter Hughes , Peter Avery ,Peter Cave and John Wren they all had a lovely time and can’t wait for the next match to be involved in .

Three winning rings and one draw what is the final result. 


DBE Classified Singles 29th February & 1st March 2020 – Report

B6 Group

Joe Peplow

Craig Bowler

Steve Bigg

Michelle White

Mark Cooper

B7 Group One

Helen Wood

Steve Angus

Colin Curtis

Fynn Kieser

Colin Milner

Alex Comack

B7 Group Two

Bob Loves

Jonathan Stokes

Tim Swann

Stephen Stockley

Alistair Domville

Andrew Bayston

B8 Group

Mike Robertson

Dave Fisher

Gary Swift

Dylan Morton

Kieran Rollings


Daniel Adams wins Unclassified Singles

DBE Unclassified singles – January 5th 2020  Gedling IBC

Due to illness, several bowlers had to withdraw from the competition which would usually be run on a knockout basis it was decided to form 2 groups, play a round robin with a final. This guaranteed each bowler plenty of bowling during the day.

Green Group
Khalila Hussain, Colin Wagstaff, David Masterman, Georgia Tucker and Claire Domville. 

Winner after round robin was Claire Domville.

Yellow Group
Harry Atkin, Amy Brookes, Rhys Taylor , Daniel Adams, Ray Kirk and Chris Gray.

Winner after round robin Daniel Adams.


On the 7th end of the final Claire was 10 – 3 up, by the 11th end it was 10 all then Daniel got into his stride and forged ahead to win 21 – 10.

During the day our classification team classified two of our new members which now means they can compete in the classified singles in the future.

All in all, it was a good day and enjoyed by all.

The medals and trophy were presented to the winners by Gedling IBC President Mal Frost.

Maggy Smith, DBE Competition Secretary thanked the markers and helpers and wished everyone a ‘Happy and healthy New Year’ and safe journey home.


Report provided by Maggy Smith 

Nigel Bechelet secures Maiden Singles title

DBE Maiden Singles – Sunday 17TH November 2019, Gedling IBC

16 bowlers entered the event on Sunday, sadly 3 had to withdraw due to illness and travel disruption just a few days before the event. It didn’t cause too much of a problem and the event went ahead without very little upset.

The format was a knockout with a Plate for those losing in the first round thus guaranteeing everyone at least 2 matches.

There were several very close, well fought matches which kept the spectators entertained.

Semi-finals saw Colin Milner from Milton Keynes take on Michelle White from Surrey. Michelle had won her previous games very convincingly but Colin from the 9th end forged ahead and won the game.

The other semi-final was an amazing game between Alastair Domville from York and new member Nigel Bechelet , Nigel is the Hampshire president. After 24 ends and the bell had rung the score was 18 shots all !! So we go into and extra end which Nigel won by one shot. Great game and good to watch.

The final for most part was a close game with Nigel pulling ahead on the last few ends to win.

The plate final was between Keith Mason from Northants and Colin Wagstaff from Grantham. Colin coming out the winner.

During the day our classification team, Physio Gill and technical classifier Sally, accessed 4 new members and reviewed one of our Elite squad.

All in all, a very busy day for all!

Thanks were given to the helpers who kindly marked the games and pushed the wheelchairs.

Trophies were presented and everyone wished a safe journey home.

Report provided by Margaret Smith (Competition Secretary)

DBE show Leicester County the WAY

DBE show Leicester County the WAY

Heavy rain and dangerous driving conditions across the country did not deter the players turning up for this celebration match.  After some initial delays, the introductions and exchange of DBE pennant and Leicester County plaque, the match finally got under way and DBE really did show Leicester the WAY.  From the off DBE took the lead and gently but surely increased their lead throughout the 18 ends.

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