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DBE Regional Singles Winners – 2019

DBE Regional Singles Winners – 2019

NORTH (1 group) Winner  – GARY SWIFT;  Runner up – Chris Turnball,

MIDLANDS (1 group) Winner – RHYS TAYLOR;  Runner up – Bill Eley

EAST (2 groups) Winners – KIERAN ROLLINGS & MIKE ROBERTSON;  Runners up – Colin Milner & Dylan Morton

SOUTH (2 groups) Winners – STEVE IRELAND & STEVE SIMMONS;  Runners up – Dave Fisher & Gill Platt

WEST (2 groups) Winners – PAUL BROWN & MIKE DISTON;  Runners up – Anthony Page & Darron Moon

A total of 40 bowlers entered the singles playing off at 5 venues competing for the final 8 places to be played off at Leamington Spa on Sunday 14th July.

Results from the various venues showed many very closely contested matches often with bowlers losing out by 1 or 2 shots only.

Feedback from the ‘Host Clubs’ was very positive, and all of our bowlers should be proud of their performances and their conduct on the green.

Congratulations to the qualifiers and commiserations to the rest, as the saying goes ‘If at first you don’t succeed, TRY, TRY AGAIN’.

Margaret Smith, DBE Competition Secretary.

DBE vs Harrogate Indoor Bowls Club

DBE Harrogate IBC.     20th May 2019.

From 11.30 the players and supporters started to arrive, by 12.30 the vast majority had arrived and the atmosphere and expectation had increased, it was a glorious day and the sun had got it’s hat on.

The teams were picked and the rinks sorted, DBE players were as follows:-

Rink 1. Steven Nicholson, Keith Urquhart, Harry Atkins and Steve Angus

Rink 2. Lee Whitely, Gemma Broadhead, John Greaves and Helen Wood

Rink 3. Claire Domville, Tim Swan, Alastair Domville and Gary Swift (Claire stood in for Keith Haggerwood who unfortunately forgot his wheel chair)

Rink 4. Barry Nicholson, Julie Crowe, Jeff Crowe and Bob Love

After the photographs of both teams were taken and the formalities concluded the match began.

There was some excellent bowling on display on all rinks by both teams, the scores were evenly matched throughout the whole game and there was plenty of friendly banter shared amongst the players and supporters throughout. 

DBE got off to a great start with Helen Wood’s team winning 30 – 10, it went slightly down hill after that.  Next off was Bob Love’s team who were 14 – 14 after 16 ends but eventually lost 18 – 14.  Then Steve Angus’s team came off losing 22 – 16 after dropping a three on their last end.  Then some 30 minutes later after four killed ends, Gary Swift’s team came off needing one shot on the last end to get an overall victory for DBE but unfortunately they lost the end by one shot, losing 20 – 10.

So the final score was a draw: DBE 70 – Harrogate IBC, 70. 

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with both teams asking for a rematch.

After the closing speeches were concluded there was a chorus of happy birthday for Tim Swan and cake for everyone.

Report by Gary Swift, DBE  & Harrogate IBC

Photo gallery:  DBE vs Harrogate

DBE vs Howard Park Bowls Club

DBE vs Howard Park Bowls Club

On Saturday 11 May DBE played Howard Park at Basingstoke. A big thank you to Peter Bench, captain of Howard Park, for making DBE so welcome and for providing Ian Gourlay and David Collins to play for us.  The match was played in a fantastic spirit with conditions to match and was enjoyed by all. The facilities at Howard Park in their newly refurbished pavilion were second to none.  The green was excellent.  All the DBE team would like to give a big thank you to the catering staff for the post match buffet which was superb.  All at DBE were made to feel extremely welcome and are looking forward to playing there in the future.

Rink 2 – lead Clive Bennett, Ian Gourlay (Howard Park player) & skip  – Stu Read (DBE captain)
Result – home 16 away 13

Rink 3 – lead Khalilia Hussain, Jeanette Maisey & skip – Richard Ball (Visual Director)
Result – home 8 away 31

Rink 4 – lead Steven Smith, David Collins (Howard Park player) & skip – Colin Milner
Result – home 18 away 16

Final result: DBE 60 Howard Park 42

Match report Stu Read

DBE Maiden Pairs 2019 Report


Initially, it was a disappointing turnout for the DBE Maiden Pairs event with 2 teams withdrawing just before the event and another pulling out on the day due to illness.

The competition format was changed to a round robin with the bowlers consent and it all turned out well!

This competition is run for all DBE bowlers who haven’t won a major event such as a National or County competition or represented England.  We also run a Maiden Singles for those same bowlers that will be held later this year.

The winners of the Maiden Pairs were twins, Barry and Steven Nicholson winning all of their matches. Runners up were Colin Wagstaff and Daniel Adams. Also competing were Harry Atkins and Keith Haggerwood, Alex Comack and Andrew Bayston, Claire and Alastair Domville. Each team played a total of 4 matches.

DBE Maiden Pairs Competitors 2019
Champions – Barry & Steven Nicholson
DBE Maiden Pairs Winners with organiser Maggy Smith

At the presentation we wished Barry, Steven, Daniel and Harry ‘All the best’ for their trip to Falkirk in June representing England in the first Home Nations event for bowlers with learning difficulties.

Margaret Smith, DBE Competition Secretary.

DBE vs Tamworth IBC

DBE vs Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club

Tamworth Indoor Bowls Club entertained a Disability Bowls England squad including players from as far a field as Plymouth and Sunderland.  

DBE Teams were 

  1. Ray Smith, Pip Smith & Neil Smith
  2. Darren Moon, Amy Brookes & Winston Healey
  3. Alice Atkin, Harry Atkin & Steve Angus
  4. Keith Haggerwood, Timmy Swann & Bob Love
  5. Lee Whiteley, Colin Wagstaff & John Greaves
  6. Geoff Bennett, Diane Rogers & John Rogers 

Tamworth took and early overall lead but this did not last long as DBE bowlers got used to the rinks.  This was a very close match every inch of the way.  After 10 ends the score was level at 55 all, at 16 ends DBE had a 1 shot lead 80-79. As the last 12 ends played and finished the lead swung from one team to the other finally the match ended with a very narrow victory for DBE by 96 shots to 93.

Everyone finished this excellent match with light refreshments of twac, coffee cakes and biscuits.  Many thanks to Tamworths players and organisers for hosting an excellent afternoon of bowling.

DBE Inter Region Indoor Challenge

Disabity Bowl England Logo

DBE held the Top Inter Region Tournament Maggy Smith playing for the ‘Margaret Smith Shield’ on 6th April at Gedling IBC, Nottingham.  The teams comprised:-

Gary Swift (Captain), Steve Angus, Tim Swann, Alastair Domville, Helen Wood & Andrew Bayton.

Steve Ireland (Captain), Jonathan Stokes, Dave Fisher, Ray Cross, Mick Belcher & Craig Bowler.

Kieran Rollings (Captain), Colin Milner, Dylan  Morton, Ryhs Taylor, Chris Gray & Mark Cooper.

Khalila Hussain (Captain), Joe Peplow, Keith Haggerwood, Val Groom, Harry Atkin & Colin Wagstaff

It was a good tournament with many very close results but Team  East played brilliantly winning all of their matches and finishing with a total score of 15 points.

Team South came second with 7 points, North with 4 points and West with 2.

The format was 2 rinks of triples from each region, playing each of the other regions.  2 points for a win 1 for a draw , bonus points awarded to teams winning on both of their rinks in a session.

A buffet was provided for players, helpers and supporters, following the presentation of trophies.


Tournament Gallery:  Top Region

Inter Club Triples Competition


5 venues

40 teams

120 players

Disability Bowls England’s first Inter Club Triples has been hailed “A great success”.

The event held at 5 different venues on the same day brought together a huge number of players with disability and has helped clubs appreciate that they have players who may need a little assistance but fully able to compete and be inclusive in a club environment.

Such was the enthusiasm that teams around the country have shown interest in forming leagues to regularly compete with and against players with a disability.

Results at each venue:

Mid Devon IBC:
Gold Medal Honiton IBC: Marian Baxter, Les Crook & Kevin Vernon
Silver Medal Plymouth Life Centre: Steve Hartley, Rowland Crowe & Winston Healey

Mid Devon winners & runners up
Mid Devon teams

Presented by Club Chairman: Brain Wood
Venue organiser: DBE Development Officer for the South, Mo Monkton

Loddon Vale IBC:
Gold Medal North Wilts IBC: Khalila Hussain, Gill Maw & Sue Simmons
Silver Medal Swindon Manor IBC: Jeanette Maisey, Pam Turner & Jean Hamer
Photos by Stephen Dean

Loddon Vale Winners
Loddon Vale Silver Medalists

Presented by Level 2 Coach: Ian Riach
Venue organisers: Nigel Morgan & Ian Riach

Ashford IBC:
Gold Medal Preston IBC: Bob Henstridge, Cliff Ainsworth & Steve Ireland
Silver Medal Ashford IBC: Georgia Tucker, Robin Collick & Paul Stoner-Lewis

Ashford winners Preston IBC
Ashford runners up Ashford IBC
Ashford competitors

Presented by Club President: Cheryll Palmer
Venue organisers: Jackie Vaughan & DBE Ambassador, Shirley Clark

Desborough IBC:
Gold Medal Kettering Lodge IBC: Chris Gray, Adam Lewis & Kieran Rollings
Silver Medal Wellingborough IBC: John Greaves, Pamela Chandler & Peter Chandler

Keiran Rollings, Chris Gray and Adam Lewis

Pamela Chandler, John Greaves and Peter Chandler

Presented by Umpire Jill Nutt
Venue organiser: DBE Ambassador, Sue White

York & Dist. IBC:
Gold Medal Hornsea IBC: Steve Payne, Doreen Padgett & Colin Garner
Silver Medal Leeds IBC: Kevin Page, Keith Collins & Gareth Harwood

Winners Hornsea IBC
Group finalists

Presented by Lee Smith
Venue organiser: DBE Development Officer for the North Region, Lee Smith (DBE)

DBE would like to thank all five clubs hosting this event for their help and support.


Pro-Am Gala Desborough Indoor Bowling Club

Pro-Am Gala Desborough Indoor Bowling Club

The first “Pro-Am” Gala took place at Desborough Indoor Bowling Club on Sunday 17th March amongst its disability members.  Partners were drawn randomly on the day and each pair played two games of 1-hour duration with an hour rest between.  The cup had been donated by the family of Dave Cotterill, and was presented to the eventual winners, who were Martin Cornwell and Andy Purcell, by Dave’s daughter, Louise.  The day went well, with green fees being covered via a donation.  Desborough’s President, Mr John Westwood opened proceedings Helpers were on the green to assist with directing play and measuring.  Also, assistance with wheelchairs.  At the end of the day proceedings were closed by Desborough’s lady President, Dawn Owen.  Sue White thanked everyone who played, the helpers, the kitchen and bar staff who remained open all day, the score-keepers, Carol Coe and Graham Carley for making it such a successful event.

Para Bowls Home Nations Championship 2019

Para Bowls Home Nations Championships 2019

Hosted by, the 8 rink, Glasgow Indoor Bowls Club from 22nd to 24th March, this years Para Bowls Home Nations Championships was opened by a plethora of dignitaries including World Singles Champion Stuart Anderson. Included in the ceremony was the presentation of England caps to new international bowlers – Darren Moon, Craig Bowler, Mark Cooper and VI Director Doreen Metcalf.

Scotland and Wales were the first to battle for honours resulting in Scotland winning 5 of the 6 matches and leading the group 10-2 on points. England had to wait until the evening before they commenced their retention of their title against Wales.

England triples squad of Craig Bowler, Bob Love and skip Helen Wood lead the way with a 22-7 victory.  Triples team Mark Cooper, Keiran Rollings and Mike Robertson struggled in the early exchanges with their Welsh opposition, their skip couldn’t fail with any shot he played and by half way they lead 9-2. Mistakes entered their game and Mikes team gained confidence slowly overtaking them to win 16-12.  VI singles bowlers AlisonYearling and Sarah Marshall lead all the way in tough games before winning 20-15 and 21-14. New VI cap Darren started very strongly dominating his singles until the latter stages when, with 20 minutes left and Darren leading 20-12, his Welsh opponent staged a come back, he kept fighting right up to the bell, Darren survived the late onslaught to win 20-19. England ended the evening winning 5 of 6 games and tied on points with Scotland.

Scotland and England clashed for the first time early Saturday morning. All six matches were very competitively fought, no one wanting to give an inch. After 75 minutes both teams had won 3 matches each and Scotland had a shots advantage of +2 for the session. Scotland and England were tied on points but England trailed by 19 shots.

Wales and England met after Saturday lunch and England really turned the screw. Bob Love lead the rout, whitewashing their No. 1 singles player. Keiran dominated the Welsh No.2 winning 21-3. VI pair Sarah and Alison easily won 18-11, pairs Mike & Mark and Helen & Craig easily took their games 19-6 and 17-8. So 5 matches out 5. The last to finish was Ron Hamer and Darren Moon, they had a titanic battle against their Welsh VI opponents – the bell had rung with the game score 9-9, Ron had the last wood and no one could decide which team held shot. What should Ron do? He decided to draw on his forehand and pulled it wide. The Umpire was called, she measured, not once, not twice but 3 times then gave the shot to England. A session game white wash by England and with a +69 shot difference. England lead the table on 28 points and reversed the shot difference to +50.

Scotland entertained Wales in the evening knowing they needed a big win to keep in touch with England. Wales were not giving up, old rivalries prevailed. Scotland took the session 4 games to 2 and +27 shots. Scotland were under severe pressure needing to beat England 4-2 and to record a high shots advantage.

Sunday morning brought the two adversaries to the final session. Battled commenced at 10 and our Captain and Mr Reliable, Bob Love, lead the way winning the first singles 21-5. Keiran took an early lead in his singles but, Scotland’s Michael Simpson pushed hard and narrowed the gap to 4 points, the standard of bowls was fantastic from both players, Keiran held out winning 21-15. England need one more win to make sure of the title. Scotland won their first and second game, 2 games each now with two to finish. Helen Wood and Craig Bowler were battling against Garry Brown and George Guthrie, Craig was outwitting George and Helen was playing a brilliant skips role out skipping Garry end after end, bringing the match and Championship to England 15-7. Scotland and England tied the session 3-3.

Scotland finished the tournament on 30 points, Wales 8 and England won the Championship with 34.

Enland Team Manager Mo Monkton and Captain Bob Love were presented with their trophy by Caroline Brown, SIBA Ladies Singles Champion

A fantastic Championship, very well hosted by the Scottish IBA and Glasgow Indoor Bowls Club. A huge THANK YOU goes to all the organisers, helpers, supporters, England team management and of course the team for creating such a brilliant event.

Photo story:  Para Bowl Home Nations

National Classified Singles Championship 2019 Report

Disabity Bowl England Logo

National Classified Singles Championship 2019

The weekend of Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd March featured our National Classified Singles Championship 2019 at Gedling Indoor Bowls Club, Nottingham.  28 bowlers travelled from the four corners of the Nation to compete in our most prestigious event.

Each bowler competed against others from the same Classification, B6, B7 & B8.  The groups were as follows:-


  • Ray Smith
  • Mark Cooper
  • Steve Bigg
  • Craig Bowler
  • Joe Peplow
  • Paul Brown
B7 – Grp 1
  • Bob Love
  • Steven Smith
  • Alex Comack
  • Ray Cross
  • Steve Angus
  • Alastair Domville

B7 – Grp 2

  • Steve Ireland
  • Colin Milner
  • Tim Swann
  • Andrew Buyton#
  • Jonathan Stokes
B8 – Grp 1

  • Mike Robertson
  • Anthony Page
  • Gary Swift
  • Dylan Morton

B8 – Grp 2

  • Kieran Rollings
  • John Rogers
  • Dave Fisher
  • David Stearn

Competition was tough and at the end of the first day Paul Brown lead the B6’s, Bob Love – B7/1, Steve Ireland and Jonathan Stokes were level in B7/2, Dylan Morton – B8/1 and Kieran Rolling lead B8/2.

The battle for these fantastic trophies continued early Sunday morning and the standard of bowls just got better and better as the day progressed.  Our markers and umpires were continually called upon to measure.  The standard of drawing was excellent complimented by the occasional firing shot.

By early afternoon the B7 and B8 Group winners had been decided and they progressed to the final.  Due to numbers, B6 entrants played on a round robin basis and the winner being made the Champion.  At the start of the finals, B6 group matches continued with Paul Brown leading the group on 8 points and he was playing his last game against Ray Smith, Steve Bigg was playing Joe Peplow.

Kieran Rollings and Dylan Morton contested B8 and the match lived up to the high standard we had come to expect.  Dylan crept into a five shot, the pressure increased from Kieran pulling back to draw level and then take a slender lead before finally winning 18-15.

The B7 final between old adversaries Steve Ireland and Bob Love lived up to expectations, level pegging for two-thirds of the game.  Bob, who had recovered some of his missing form, pressed and pressed with some excellent drawing.  Steve responded with superb bowls but Bob’s pressure was relentless creeping away to win 20-13.

Everyone was convinced that Paul had the B6’s title in the bag, but past World finalist Ray Smith, had other ideas he dominated from the off.  As their match was drawing to the close everyone realised that if Joe Peplow was to beat Steve Bigg then he would also be on 8 points. 

At the bell for the last end of Steve and Joe’s match, they were tied at 12-12, the umpire was called after all bowls had been delivered, to measure………Joe took shot by one-quarter of an inch, giving him a 13-12 win and tying the B6 Group, with Paul, on 8 points.  It was now down to Maggy Smith to calculate the shot difference.  To everyone’s surprise the shot difference was only one better and in favour of Joe, what a fantastic finish to a brilliant tournament, no one could have predicted such an ending.


DBE’s Director/Trustee, Shirley Hughes presented the trophies in conjunction with Mo Monkton.  Special thanks were given to Maggy Smith, Gedling IBC and all the helpers, their excellent support made the event run without a hitch.

National Classified Singles Champions 2019:  B6 – Joe Peplow;  B7 – Bob Love;  B8 – Kieran Rollings.

Finally, Maggy Smith announced that through the various raffles and the ‘Old Gits’ tour, they had raised £1000 and donated it to DBE.

Many thanks to everyone involved for making this Championship so special.

Photo story of the event, go to Gallery