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EUBA approve Laser Measure

The English Bowls Bowls Association (EBUA) have now approved Laser Measures for use by Umpires as an piece of additional equipment that they may want to carry.


World Bowls do not “approve” or “endorse” measuring equipment. If an item complies with the Laws of the Sport, then it is for the Member National Authorities (MNAs) to approve the types of measuring equipment for carrying out umpire duties

as stated in Law 54.9


The manufacturer, Bowlsline, market their measures “as approved by World Bowls”.

In its guidance of October 2020, the World Bowls Laws Committee stated, “The World Bowls Laws Committee does not need to give permission for new measuring devices (each MNA has this authority), but the LC will comment if they do not comply with the

Laws of the Sport.


The laser measure may be used as an alternative to the box measure, Due to a variation in tolerances among laser measure models and as they do not measure directly between the nearest points of the jack and a bowl, there is a recommended minimum distance for their use of 300 mm.

The maximum distance for using a laser measure can vary, depending on the ambient lighting conditions, the measuring range of the laser beam, and the reflectivity of the target. For example it is unlikely that a commercially available measure will be powerful enough to be able to measure a minimum jack length or determine a line bowl or jack.


There are now several models of available laser measures for bowlers. Each model has a unique design and instructions on their use. Laser measures should be used with a degree of caution. All laser models display metric units to three decimal places (i.e. 1 mm), but their technical specifications indicate various levels of typical measuring accuracy, ranging between +/-1 mm and +/-3 mm.

Another limitation of any laser measure is that it can only be used when the jack and all bowls are on the green, and nothing is in the ditch. The laws state that any measurement involving the jack or a bowl in the ditch must be carried out using a flexible or string measure whenever possible.


The most accurate laser measure is the Bowlsline model, and this is the one recommended for use by EBUA umpires.


With this update, we will now allow them to be used by members 

DBE Selected Team

Sue Davies DBE Performance & Team Manager announces the

England Test Match Outdoor Team v Scotland 1 & 2nd September, Ayr Scotland

B2 Sarah Marshall – Berkhamsted BC Hertfordshire

* B2 Kevin Betteridge – Hewll BC, Worcestershire

* B3 David Wood Taunton Deane BC. Somerset

B4 Sally-Ann Lewis-Wall – Kingscroft BC Leicestershire

VIs Directors

* Nigel Morgan – Haydon Wick BC Wiltshire

*Jayne Sippitts – Hewell BC, Worcestershire

Elizabeth Shipley – Hinckley BC Leicestershire

Chris Venn – Lillington BC Warwickshire

*B6 Colin Wagstaff, Oakham BC Leicestershire

B6 Craig Bowler – Wellingborough BC Northamptonshire

B7 Colin Milner – Hoddesdon & Rye Park BC HertfordshireB7 Jonathan Stokes – Luton Town BC Bedfordshire

* B8 Mike McDonagh – Cheam BC Surrey

B8 Anthony Page – Congresbury BC Somerset

B8 Mike Robertson – Parkway BC Huntingdonshire (Captain)

B8 Kieran Rollings – Kettering Lodge BC Northamptonshire

* New England International Cap



Mens Open Pairs Report

Men’s Pairs Report

Rugby Railway Bowls Club was once again the venue for the Men’s Pairs competition, this year 6 pairs plus 10 individual players entered the event. Club Captain Vanessa did the draws for pairs from the individual entries and then did the draw for the competition.

In the first session only 3 matches took place to get the quarter finalists in the main draw, with Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh, Craig Bowler & John Greaves and Steve Simmons & Peter Cave advancing. Rhys Taylor & Harry Atkin, Colin Wagstaff & Daniel Adams and Michael Purves & Thomas Martin moved into the Plate competition.

In the Quarter Finals some close matches were played including a 7 – 6 victory by Tom Rigby & Luke Smith, also advancing to the Semi Finals were Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh, Steve Simmons & Peter Cave and Romney Denning & Fynn Kyser. Tim Swann & Peter Vickers, Ryan Richmond & Kevin Betteridge and Chris Gray and John Hollowell moved into the Plate competition.

An extra session was required to get the Semi Finalist with Tim Swann & Peter Vickers beat Michael Purves and Thomas Martin and advanced to the Semi Final.

The Semi Finals were keenly contested with Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh and Romney Denning & Fynn Kyser advancing to the Final. In the plate competition Rhys Taylor & Harry Atkin and Chris Gray & John Hollowell advanced to the Final.

In the Final the match started tightly and after 4 ends the score was 3 -2 and after 6 ends it was 5 – 4. On the next 2 ends a 2 and a 3 made the score 10 – 4 with a 1 on the last end making the final score 10 – 5 to the winners Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh.

In the Plate Final after 4 ends the score was 5 – 2 then a run of 8 winning ends to the end of the match made the final score 5 – 11 to the winners Chris Gray & John Hollowell.

We would like to thank Rugby Railway Bowls Club for hosting the competition and their hospitality, providing lunch for players and supporters and running a raffle over the weekend with the proceeds being donated to Disability Bowls England.

International Bowls for the Disabled World Championships 2024

International Bowls for the Disabled World Championships 2024 – Update – It has been confirmed that this event is still going ahead as planned between the 18 May – 31 May 2024 (Intended departure day from UK 15 May – Return date 2 June) at the moment we still don’t have any cost for this event, but are  but to enable us to start planning as we intend to send a competitive team in all categories B1 to B8  (maximum 4 men & 4 Females per classification)

Formats will include competitions for B1 to B4 and B6 to B8 Men’s and Women’s Singles and Men’s and Women’s Pairs. (Maximum 4 Entries per Discipline per country)

PLEASE NOTE THIS EVENT WILL BE 100% SELF FUNDED BY MEMBERS AT THE MOMENT. (Estimated cost between £2,000 & £2,500 per person)

We intend to select (once the full selection criteria are confirmed) and send a competitive team to this event to compete in all categories and are calling for members who wish to be considered to take part in this prestige event,

please re-send your details to DBE Performance & Team Manager – . We will keep you all updated once full event cost and other information is confirmed.

Matchplay Pairs 2023

Dear All

The Last few years have presented many difficulties and challenges for the BWBW, however following discussions by the board and its partners we are excited to announce that we are back and intending to run several wheelchair bowls events over the next few years.

Our first event is schedule to take place at Bristol City & County IBC over the weekend of 29th April/30th April 2023 and will be the BWBA UK MatchPlay Pairs Championship 2023.​ Play will be on a sets format. Wheelchair bowlers to use a BWBA-approved bowling wheelchair and each pair can have a wheelchair bowler paired up with a bowler of their choice, disabled or not, wheelchair bowler or not, able-bodied or not – the choice is yours

A Plate Competition will be run too in order to give players as many matches as possible within the playing format. Prize money will be paid for the main event and the Plate. Play will take place over both Saturday and Sunday with the Finals taking place on Sunday afternoon. Play should be finished by 630pm Sunday at the latest (probably earlier based on previous years) after the Trophy and prize-money has been presented. The winning pair will receive £150; runners-up £100; third-place £60 and the Plate winners £40.

We hope you are willing to support this fantastic event.

If you would like further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on


Plant Welding Triples Report

This is a 2-day event generously sponsored by Doug Carlin of Plant Welding Engineering, Colwick Nottingham.

Doug’s father first started the sponsorship back in 1996. After he retired his son Doug continued, increasing sponsorship over the years. Doug and his wife Gill always come along and present the prizes.
It was a good weekend, 30 bowlers taking part from all parts of the country.

Teams were split into 2 groups playing a round robin followed by the winners of each group playing for 1st and 2nd prize and those finishing second in the groups played for 3rd and 4th prize.

The group winners were;
John Greaves, Craig Bowler & Jonathan Stokes and Mac Otton, Jeff Smith & Steve Angus.

Given the previous domination of John Greaves’s team, the final was a totally different matter! Following a very slow start, clever tactics dominated with some excellent bowling. Despite lots of quality bowls from John’s team plus all-out firing, the tactics of Steve Angus, and his team proved victorious with a dominating 17-5 win over class elite opponents.

Playing for 3rd and forth place were      Harry Atkin, Sally Darby and Rhys Taylor V Gary Swift , Fynn Kyser & Joe Peplow, Gary’s team winning 13 shots to 4. 

Sunday morning the players, helpers and supporters were treated to an impromptu performance of ‘Sister Act’
Not quite up to the standard of the film but coming very close!
Unfortunately, local TV crew couldn’t make it at the last minute and Claire Boulding was held up in traffic but nevertheless, everyone had a good laugh.
Big ‘THANKS’ to the Gedling helpers who pushed wheelchairs, gathered bowls, made tea and coffee , umpired, run a raffle, and kept the scoring and board up to date and more!
These events just wouldn’t happen without them.

Maggy Smith MBE



DBE North v South (Outdoors)

What a great afternoon at the Bowls England National Championships with the Maggy Smith MBE North v South Challenge Shield Match being played in front of the Royal Leamington Spa Club House on Green C – and the Winnings were THE NORTH

​Our great supporter Friends of English Bowling Chairman Kath Lloyd presented a Bursaries cheque for £500 to Daniel Adams from Griffin Bowls Club Youngsters/All Ability Bowls Club to help him achieve his Coach Bowls Level 2 Course.

And the icing on the cake, we had the greatest pleasure of surprising​ DBE Life President Maggy Smith who finally after a two year wait because of Covid lockdowns and the Royal Family not being available, presenting her with the Member of the British Empire Medal (MBE) by Terri Keen (President of Bowls England) in front of her Disability Bowls England family and friends who she has dedicated the past 40 years to improving the lives of disabled people to enjoy the games of bowls.

Helen Wall Steps Down

Helen Lewis – Wall has decided to step down from her position as International Selector and Team Manager with the DBE’

After two difficult years and a lot of hard work, she is going out on a high, with the Home Nations Teams great win but also driving the Para Commonwealth Game squad to their recent outstanding performance and showcasing English Para Bowls on the world stage.

Helen has been the unsung member of the team, organiser, chief cheerleader, coach, therapist, had her ear bashed by the moaners, and in charge of keeping the team in order, no mean

Helen says’ What a journey, I am lucky to have worked with some amazing players and management team. My aim was to help my team reach their potential, Over the last 18 months
together we have grown to become a strong team unit. I thank my team for enabling me to become a better manager and a stronger person. We have laughed together, cried together and
celebrated together’

She has done a fabulous job well done Helen!

Mixed Ability Triples

The Mixed Ability Triples teams for this years event on Friday 26 Aug are shown below, could all players please report to the Competitions Secretary by 1.45pm so that stickers can be handed out to participants:

Triple 1

Romney Denning
Harry Atkin
Steve Simmons

Triple 2

Marjorie Convey
Tom Rigby
Chris Gray

Triple 3

John Hollowell
Liam Tucker
Arthur Redfearn

Triple 4

Khalila Hussain
Jamie Pugsley
Gareth Harwood