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Plant Welding Triples Report

This is a 2-day event generously sponsored by Doug Carlin of Plant Welding Engineering, Colwick Nottingham.

Doug’s father first started the sponsorship back in 1996. After he retired his son Doug continued, increasing sponsorship over the years. Doug and his wife Gill always come along and present the prizes.
It was a good weekend, 30 bowlers taking part from all parts of the country.

Teams were split into 2 groups playing a round robin followed by the winners of each group playing for 1st and 2nd prize and those finishing second in the groups played for 3rd and 4th prize.

The group winners were;
John Greaves, Craig Bowler & Jonathan Stokes and Mac Otton, Jeff Smith & Steve Angus.

Given the previous domination of John Greaves’s team, the final was a totally different matter! Following a very slow start, clever tactics dominated with some excellent bowling. Despite lots of quality bowls from John’s team plus all-out firing, the tactics of Steve Angus, and his team proved victorious with a dominating 17-5 win over class elite opponents.

Playing for 3rd and forth place were      Harry Atkin, Sally Darby and Rhys Taylor V Gary Swift , Fynn Kyser & Joe Peplow, Gary’s team winning 13 shots to 4. 

Sunday morning the players, helpers and supporters were treated to an impromptu performance of ‘Sister Act’
Not quite up to the standard of the film but coming very close!
Unfortunately, local TV crew couldn’t make it at the last minute and Claire Boulding was held up in traffic but nevertheless, everyone had a good laugh.
Big ‘THANKS’ to the Gedling helpers who pushed wheelchairs, gathered bowls, made tea and coffee , umpired, run a raffle, and kept the scoring and board up to date and more!
These events just wouldn’t happen without them.

Maggy Smith MBE



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