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Mens Open Pairs Report

Men’s Pairs Report

Rugby Railway Bowls Club was once again the venue for the Men’s Pairs competition, this year 6 pairs plus 10 individual players entered the event. Club Captain Vanessa did the draws for pairs from the individual entries and then did the draw for the competition.

In the first session only 3 matches took place to get the quarter finalists in the main draw, with Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh, Craig Bowler & John Greaves and Steve Simmons & Peter Cave advancing. Rhys Taylor & Harry Atkin, Colin Wagstaff & Daniel Adams and Michael Purves & Thomas Martin moved into the Plate competition.

In the Quarter Finals some close matches were played including a 7 – 6 victory by Tom Rigby & Luke Smith, also advancing to the Semi Finals were Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh, Steve Simmons & Peter Cave and Romney Denning & Fynn Kyser. Tim Swann & Peter Vickers, Ryan Richmond & Kevin Betteridge and Chris Gray and John Hollowell moved into the Plate competition.

An extra session was required to get the Semi Finalist with Tim Swann & Peter Vickers beat Michael Purves and Thomas Martin and advanced to the Semi Final.

The Semi Finals were keenly contested with Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh and Romney Denning & Fynn Kyser advancing to the Final. In the plate competition Rhys Taylor & Harry Atkin and Chris Gray & John Hollowell advanced to the Final.

In the Final the match started tightly and after 4 ends the score was 3 -2 and after 6 ends it was 5 – 4. On the next 2 ends a 2 and a 3 made the score 10 – 4 with a 1 on the last end making the final score 10 – 5 to the winners Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh.

In the Plate Final after 4 ends the score was 5 – 2 then a run of 8 winning ends to the end of the match made the final score 5 – 11 to the winners Chris Gray & John Hollowell.

We would like to thank Rugby Railway Bowls Club for hosting the competition and their hospitality, providing lunch for players and supporters and running a raffle over the weekend with the proceeds being donated to Disability Bowls England.

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  1. Great work by Rugby Railway Bowls Club for hosting such a great event! It was exciting to witness the competition and the different sets of pairs vying to win the trophy. It was a pleasure to be able to join the event and I’m sure everyone had a fantastic time. Congratulations to the winning pairs, Steve Stockley & Mike McDonagh and Chris Gray & John Hollowell!

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