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DBE Classified Singles 29th February & 1st March 2020 – Report

B6 Group

Joe Peplow

Craig Bowler

Steve Bigg

Michelle White

Mark Cooper

B7 Group One

Helen Wood

Steve Angus

Colin Curtis

Fynn Kieser

Colin Milner

Alex Comack

B7 Group Two

Bob Loves

Jonathan Stokes

Tim Swann

Stephen Stockley

Alistair Domville

Andrew Bayston

B8 Group

Mike Robertson

Dave Fisher

Gary Swift

Dylan Morton

Kieran Rollings


B6 and B8 groups played in a round robin format.

B7 because of numbers played a round robin in their group with the winning player in each group playing off in a final.

Ranked players were spread between the 2 groups.

All groups were fiercely competitive with a show of some wonderful bowling.

In the B6 and B8 groups the winners were both decided in the last game.

B6 group – Joe Peplow was 4 pts + 34 shots with one game to play.

Craig, Steve and Michelle were on 2 pts with one game to go and Mark Cooper on 6 pts + 2 shots but had finished all of his games and had to sit and watch in anticipation.

Joe’s last match was against Michelle who had beaten Mark and she came very close to beating Joe loosing only by 2 shots.

Joe finished on 6 pts +36 shots and pipped Mark on shots difference.

B7 groups

Group one – before the last round of the round robin, Helen and Steve were both on 8 pts, Helen +50 shots and Steve + 48 shots with each other to play. Helen winning by 16 shots to 9 and going into the final.

Group two – One player had to withdraw on the Sunday morning so his games played were ‘scratched’ leaving the scores before the last round with Bob on 6 pts + 42 shots Tim on 6 pts + 24 and Jonathan on 4 pts +32 with Bob and Jonathan to play each other in the last round, Tim had finished his games. Bob won his match putting him on 8 points and into the final.

Helen and Bob had both won all of their matches so the final was shaping up to be a good one!

Helen came out the winner by 19 shots to 10 although the score didn’t belie the game, it was a great to watch.

B8 group – this group were so evenly matched it was anyone’s to win. At the end of the penultimate round. Kieran had finished his games and was on 5 pts -1 shot. Dave, Gary and Mike were on 3 pts and Dylan 2.

4 players had drawn games and all shots difference were very low.

The end of the last session was really exciting, 3 players finished with 5 points Kieran , Mike and Gary. Gary was playing Dylan in the last match, Dylan fired at the head , the jack hit the back board and bounced back up the rink right on the edge. We had to check if it was in or out with the mirror and it was just in and left Gary with 4 shots to finish and win the group.


B6 – Joe Peplow

Runner up – Mark Cooper

B7 – Helen Wood

Runner up – Bob Love

B8 – Gary Swift

Runner up – Mike Robertson

Thanks went to all of the helpers/ markers for working so hard over the weekend.

Congratulations to the winners and runners up but also admiration to all of the bowlers who competed and made the event such a success. Some wonderful bowling, I am so proud of our members.

Margaret (Maggy) Smith DBE Comp Sec.

B8 Winner – Gary Swift
B7 Winner – Helen Wood
B6 Winner – Joe Peplow







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