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Outdoor Home Nations 2019

Outdoor Home Nations 2019

England triumph at the 2019 Outdoor Para Home Nations Championships.

The Home Nations Championships started in 2015 and initially was held once a year alternating from the indoor to the outdoor surface. As numbers rose in all the countries it was agreed to hold an Indoor + Outdoor Championships each year and England have dominated both.

In September the England Squad travelled to Wales to compete and won their 5th consecutive event. Scotland came second & along with Wales pushed England all the way. England know they need to keep pushing standards up to maintain top spot and collect points for the International Bowls for Disabled official ranking list.

New Caps Gill Platt & Chris Turnbull were presented with their “Caps” at the opening ceremony and both played a big part in England retaining the trophy. Sarah Marshall managed to win 4 out of the 4 matches with the majority of other players winning a creditable 3 matches.

It was solid performance from the squad and the team spirit fabulous.

Each country entered a squad that included:-

2 Physically disabled triples: playing triples, pairs and singles against Scotland & Wales.

2 Visually Impaired Mixed Pairs: playing mixed pairs and singles against Scotland & wales.

2 points were awarded for a win in each match and 1 for a draw. All points added to overall team total.

Final Table

England 34 points

Scotland 28 points

Wales 10 points

England results:

Physically Disabled Team 1: Craig Bowler, Gill Platt & Mike Robertson

Triples v Scotland: lost 14-23

Triples v Wales : won 20-9

Pairs (Craig & Gill) v Scot: won 15-13

Pairs (Craig & Gill) v Wales: lost 15-17

Singles (Mike) v Scotland: won 21-11

Singles (Mike) v Wales: won 21-17

Physically Disabled Team 2: Kieran Rollings, Paul Brown & Steve Ireland

Triples v Scotland: won 14-9

Triples v Wales : won 28-3

Pairs (Kieran & Paul) v Scot: lost 9-17

Pairs (Kieran & Paul) v Wales: won 23-3

Singles (Steve) v Scotland: lost 15-21

Singles (Steve) v Wales: won 21-0

Mixed Pair Team 1 Alison Yearling & Chris Turnbull with Sue Wherry & Mark Wherry

Pairs v Scotland: won 20-12

Pairs v Wales: lost 10-14

Singles (Alison) v Scotland: won 21-12

Singles (Chris) v Scotland: won 21-3

Singles (Alison) v Wales: lost 16-19

Singles (Chris) v Wales won 19-10

Mixed Pair Team 2 Sarah Marshall & Steve Simmons with Linda Ralphs & David Stott

Pairs v Scotland: won 14-6

Pairs v Wales: won 22-6

Singles (Sarah) v Scotland: won 18-12

Singles (Steve) v Scotland: lost 16-24

Singles (Sarah) v Wales: won 21-8

Singles (Steve) v Wales won 21-10

The next Championships – Indoors in March 2020 when England host the event at Potters Leisure Resort. Supporters welcome; Contact Maggy Smith for details of the special 2-night supporters DB&B Rate.

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Report by Mo Monkton, Disability Bowls England Performance and Development Manager 

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