To Support Us


Your organisation can benefit from an association with one of the fastest growing sports for people with a disability in England, so look at the current opportunities and get in touch.

There are various opportunities open to individuals, groups or companies to support disability bowls which would be beneficial to all parties, these can range from sponsoring our website to competition and events.

By sponsoring any of these and other events, you can rely on receiving good publicity, opportunity for photo shoots, press, social media and website coverage along with space in any program or event poster.


Join forces and link with Disability Bowls England to share ideas and promotions for mutual benefit. Insurers/bowls suppliers/bowls holidays/bowls kit & equipment suppliers/mobility equipment/specialised disability home care equipment + more.


Sign up and make Disability Bowls England your charity of the year. A great way to involve fellow players in raising awareness and raising funds to support the work of Disability Bowls England.

Proceeds from draws, quizzes, fines collected during a club tour, umbrella matches, spiders etc… are all easy ways to help raise funds and bring members together.

DBE members in your area could attend functions, explain our mission and regular updates could be put on our web site showing events and money raised.


Legacy Giving
By leaving a gift in your Will to Disability Bowls England you can help us build a better future for disabled people. What is a legacy? A legacy is a special gift left in your Will which is a crucial source of funding to Disability Bowls England and plays a significant role in giving bowlers with a disability a brighter future. In addition, because it is a gift to charity, this means it is exempt from tax, so it may reduce the amount of inheritance tax for which your estate is liable. All gifts, whatever size, give us vital support. It might be a gift of a few hundred pounds, an item of jewellery, stocks and shares, or an endowment from a memorial fund. Whatever you can afford to leave us – it all counts.

Writing a Will
Writing a Will is essential to enable you to provide for the people and causes you care about. We understand that your loved ones come first. All we ask, is that once you are happy that you have taken care of your family, you consider our work. It is easy to include a gift to us in your Will, however, you should always consult a professional, such as a solicitor or financial adviser. If you already have a Will, updating it to include a gift to us is quick and straightforward. If you don’t already have a solicitor, you can find one by visiting

What to do next
Whilst we understand that your Will is a private matter, it would help us greatly to know if you are planning to leave a gift to Disability Bowls England.

If you would like advice on anything in this leaflet, please contact us.

Fundraising Ideas

Here are some of our favourite fundraising ideas.
Try out these ideas on your fellow bowlers, friends, family and community

  • Coffee and cake – Get together for coffee and cakes, charge a fee and donate the money you raise.
  • Charity jumble sale – People love a good rummage and it is always a good fundraiser.
  • Crafty stuff – Get creative and make things for us to sell at events, fairs and fetes. Make us some delicious chutneys and jams – a sure best seller!
  • Sponsored events are a good way to raise money. Or, if you are entering a sporting event, such as a fun run or half marathon, or personal sports challenge why not choose to raise sponsorship for us at the same time.
  • Sometimes Companies and people’s workplace have a match giving scheme where they part fund any sponsorship raised. If you are undertaking a sponsored event, perhaps you have connections with a company or workplace who would “double your money”.