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Club Profile – Shrewsbury IBC

Today’s 2014/2015 Love Fisher Brown award entrant to be profiled is Shrewsbury IBC. As a club they are encouraging everyone from the community to come along and try the sport! An example of this is every Tuesday a local group of Parkinson’s sufferers get together to play bowls at the centre.

There are lots of very positive impacts that this activity has had on the participants and they have really appreciated the opportunity to get involved in a sport that can give them good regular exercise, as well as added social benefits in their new friendship groups.

The coaching team at Shrewsbury IBC are committed to promoting the sport to everyone. Margaret Nichols, carer for the Parkinson’s group, said of lead coach, John Morley; “John is a coach who inspires. He works hard to encourage more groups to attend the club and promotes the physical and social benefits of the sport to all”.

Shrewsbury IBC website:

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