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How a small adaptation can change a life.

Had a fantastic visit to Daventry Indoor bowls Club today, learning about all the fantastic work being done by Ian Litchfield. While there met an individual with Parkinson’s, and he has shared his story, see below:-

“40 years ago I used to play outdoor bowls but after a period turned to golf. Last spring I decided to join to local bowls club expecting to carry on as before, I have Parkinson’s disease which meant I could not control the bowl during delivery. Received some coaching and help from local bowlers over the summer period but unfortunately was unable to improve, it wasn’t until I was told about an Arm Extension which a local bowler used, of which I was able to borrow, since this day my bowling has increased and I have not looked back since.”

This shows just a simple little adaptation can make the difference and improve an individual’s life.


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