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National Disability Survey 2015 Report Released

BDA logoAs part of the Bowls Development Alliance’s [BDA] work to increase the number of disabled people playing bowls by 2,800 participants by March 2017, the National Disability Survey 2015 was launched on 2th August, 2015. The purpose of the survey was to develop a greater understanding of the participation habits and views of disabled and non-disabled people taking part in bowls.

Today, the BDA are releasing the National Disability Survey 2015 Report, which summarises the findings of this year’s survey. As of 29th November, 2015, 257 individuals had submitted survey responses, 41.4% of whom stated that they had a long term illness, health problem or impairment that limited their daily activities, including things that could be attributed to old age with physical impairment identified as most common. The National Disability Survey Report 2015 focuses on the findings from this group of respondents with reference and comparison made to those without a long term illness, health problem or impairment when appropriate.

Five recommendations have been made by this report, from the findings it has identified and the BDA will publish a statement via their website ( on Friday, 29th April, 2016 regarding these recommendations to update on the progression status at that time.

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