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Annual Awards 2017

DBE Annual Awards – 2017

About 100 hundred DBE bowlers, family and friends arrived at Solihull Indoor Bowls Club on Saturday 7th October for the DBE Annual Awards.

The day commenced with fun competitions for everyone, not just bowlers, and comprising 321, Snakes & Ladders, Ring of Fire and the Wedge. 321 is a team event of 3 people each with 3 bowls playing 3 ends, each bowler rotated their position so that every one played lead, no.2 and skip. Playing on a knock out basis the competitions was finally won by Bob Love, Tim Love and Alex Comack.

Those that did not enter 321 and those knocked out, played Snakes & Ladders, Ring of Fire and Wedge. See the Gallery for pictures of these games.

Snakes & Ladders won by Steve Simmons. Ring of Fire won by Paul Brown. Wedge won by Steve Simmons

During the afternoon we were joined by our patron and World No.1 Greg Harlow. Greg chatted with members throughout the afternoon and evening and present awards to the various recipients.

Following speeches by DBE Chairman, Paul Brown and Greg Harlow, the evening presentations commenced with cheques being presented by DBE member Chris Venn. These were awarded because the Leamington Ladies Open Bowls Tournament that has been run for some 75 years has regrettably been forced to folded due to lack of numbers. It was decided their remaining funds would be distributed between 2 charities, DBE & VIBE for grass roots development etc..

Greg Harlow, World No. 1 - 2017
Greg Harlow, World No. 1 – 2017

International Caps were presented by Greg, to members who have earned this honour. Bowlers with their respective cap numbers are shown below.

Role of Honour

1-Bob Love, 2-Steve Angus, 3-David Fisher, 4-Bob Henstridge, 5-Ray Kirk, 6-Alex Newton, 7-Mac Otton, 8-George Pierpoint, 9-Keiran Rollings, 10-Les Smith, 11-Gary Swift, 12-Steve Biggs, 13-Paul Brown, 14-Paul Hawkes, 15-Ron Homer, 16-Barry Jones, 17-Sarah Marshall, 18-Moira Sheehan, 19-Steve Simmons, 20-Jeff Smith, 21-Jonathan Stokes, 22-David Turner, 23-Keith Urquhart, 24-Geoff Wherry, 25-Mark Wherry, 26-Sue Wherry, 27-Helen Wood, 28-Alison Brazier, 29-Gareth Harwood, 30-Mike Robertson, 31-Ray Smith, 32-Simon Wright.

Some bowlers were presented with their caps at the recent Inter Region Finals.

DBE Awards

For support and commitment to DBE - Gedling IBC
For support and commitment to DBE – Gedling IBC

Player of the Year 2017 - Mike Robertson
Player of the Year 2017 – Mike Robertson

Most improved player - Colin Wagstaff
Most improved player – Colin Wagstaff

Congratulations to all the Award winners, event hosts Solihull IBC and the DBE committee for their constant hard work.  View photos from the Awards: Gallery

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