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DBE vs Wigan Crown Greeners

DBE bowlers from all over the country took part in friendly competition against Wigan Crown Greeners last Sunday afternoon.There were two teams of four and two teams each competing over eight 90 minute matches. At the end of the first session Wigan had won 3 of the 4 rinks and led by 41-38. After a short refreshment break the teams swapped over, played on different rinks.  DBE dominated this session winning 3 of the 4 rinks this time, winning by 29-16.

Indoor bowling is a complete contrast to crown green bowling and the Wigan bowlers adapted very quickly. Overall DBE won the match 67-57.

Many thanks got to organiser Margaret Smith and her Gedling IBC members for helping to make the day enjoyable and to the outside caterers who provide an excellent roast beef Sunday lunch.

A return match would be welcomed by all.

1 thought on “DBE vs Wigan Crown Greeners

  1. Well done guys!! I live 5 mins from Wigan but play flat green at Bolton on an artificial green you would love it!!

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