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Home Nations Championship Report

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Report from the 2018 Para Home Nations International Championships

Hosts England, Venue: Clarence BC, Weston Super Mare, Somerset 8th/9th/10th June 2018.

Each country entered 1 team of 5 players with a visual impairment and 2 teams of 5 players with a physical disability.

TEAMS: (including reserves)

ENGLAND – Manager Mo Monkton
Visually Impaired: Alison Yearling, Steve Simmons, Sarah Marshall, Ron Homer, Gareth Harwood.
Directors: Mark Wherry, Sue Wherry, Linda Ralphs & David Stott.
Physically Disabled: Mac Otton, Jonathan Stokes, Gary Swift, Steve Ireland, Mike Robertson
David Fisher, Kieran Rollings, Barry Jones, Kevin Vernon, Paul Brown

SCOTLAND – Manager Bob Dick
Visually Impaired: Ian Graham, Mary Stevenson, Maria Spencer, Robert Barr, Sandy McIntosh, Melanie Innes
Physically Disabled: Billy Allan, Fraser Mathieson, George Guthrie, Barbara McMillan, Derek Hartley, John Hughes,
John Wardrope, Garry Brown, Rosemary Lenton, Brendon Handling, Ian Donaldson

WALES – Manager John Wilson
Visually Impaired: Gordon Harries, Julie Thomas, Jonathan Cox, Toby Warren, Allan Jones.
Physically Disabled: Norman Doel, Jack Lloyd, Ben Tear, Ray Lillycrap, Shaun Peregrine, Erica Price, Liam Walker,
Ian Cole, Jonathan Hubbard

Match & points results: (2 points per match win 1 point per draw)
Session 1: (pairs & triples) Wales 1 point England 11 points
Session 2: (pairs & triples) Scotland 8 points Wales 4 points
Session 3: (pairs & triples) Scotland 2 points England 10 points
Session 4: (singles & fours) England 6 points Wales 6 points
Session 5: (singles & fours) Wales 4 points Scotland 8 points
Session 6: (singles & fours) England 10 points Scotland 2 points


1st ENGLAND 37 points
2nd SCOTLAND 20 points
3rd WALES 15 points

England Scores in detail:
VI Team: Alison Yearling, Ron Homer, Sarah Marshall, Steve Simmons & Gareth Harwood
Singles: Ron lost Scotland 7-21 beat Wales 21- 8
Pairs: Alison & Ron beat Scotland 17-13 drew Wales 12-12
Triples: Sarah, Gareth & Steve beat Scotland 18-9 beat Wales 16-7
4’s: Alison, Sarah, Gareth, Steve beat Scotland 16-6 lost Wales 17-18

PD Team: Kieran Rollings, Paul Brown, Kevin Vernon, David Fisher, Barry Jones
Singles: Kieran beat Scotland 21-18 lost Wales 15-21
Pairs: Kieran & Paul beat Scotland 14-10 beat Wales 17- 9
Triples: Barry, Kevin & David lost Scotland 8 -16 beat Wales 21- 8
4’s: Barry, Kevin, David, Paul beat Scotland 19-11 beat Wales 16-12

PD Team: Mike Robertson, Jonathan Stokes, Steve Ireland, Gary Swift, Mac Otton
Singles: Mike beat Scotland 21-14 beat Wales 21-8
Pairs: Jonathan & Mike beat Scotland 20- 9 beat Wales 24-7
Triples: Mac, Gary & Steve beat Scotland 25-5 beat Wales 17-13
4’s: Jonathan, Mac, Gary & Steve beat Scotland 13-9 lost Wales 6-13

After a rousing opening ceremony Wales faced England in the first session of pairs and triples matches. England dominated the session winning 5 matches and drawing the other amassing 11 points from a possible 12. This sent out a clear message to the other Countries that England had their eyes set on back to back Home Nations wins.

Wales then had to re-group for the 2nd session of matches against Scotland and overall put in a better performance. Scotland however proved the stronger nation winning 4 matches to take the session by 8 points to Wales 4.

Saturday morning and with the sun shining, Scotland took to the greens ready for the battle against England hoping to pick up some much-needed points. England had other ideas, they looked confident and determined and played very well across the board to win 5 of the 6 matches to pick up another 10 points against Scotland’s 2.

After a short break, England then faced Wales in the first of the Singles & Fours sessions. The excitable young Welsh physically disabled 4 played with enthusiasm and vigour to win their match by 13 shots to 6 picking up a valuable 2 points. The session ended with 3 wins per country and a much needed 6 points for the Welsh Squad.

The final session on Saturday saw Scotland take on Wales. Scotland knew they had to pick up points to keep in touch with England and battled in the sunshine and heat to win 4 of the 6 matches collecting a much needed 8 points.

Sunday morning and the final session, England v Scotland. Regardless of the overall situation this is always a tough encounter with players playing for pride as well as points. England knew that one win from the 6 matches was enough to lift the trophy but also knew that Scotland were ready for battle & looking for revenge.

England were prepared, they wanted to win all 6 matches and lift the trophy with a resounding win and they did just that. Mike Robertson’s win in the singles after a tough match with John Wardrope, secured the 2 points needed and the squad responded with an overwhelming and convincing result winning 5 of the 6 matches.

England non playing Captain & Ambassador Bob Love was delighted to be presented with the Championship Trophy from bowls legend Mr David Bryant CBC who had watched the final session of play.

David enjoyed the matches and said was delighted with the standard and camaraderie. Everyone at the venue was grateful for the time David spent chatting with players & spectators and his presence was a fitting end to the proceedings.

See Photo Gallery:  Home Nations Championship 2018

Managers comments:-

Scotland : Bob Dick “Although Scotland were hoping to perform better than they did, there was no doubt that England were worthy winners of the Tournament. Scotland did take the opportunity to introduce players with little or no experience at International level, so it was a great opportunity for these bowlers, as well as our recognised bowlers, to show their skills. There is, no doubt, a learning curve for these new bowlers, but as Team Manager, I was happy with their performances, which gives my Coaching team, the opportunity to further develop their skills.

All in all, it was an excellent tournament, in which to take part, and it was a great pleasure to see the true legend of bowls, David Bryant CBE attend and present the Trophy to England.”

England : Mo Monkton “Overall I feel that all 3 countries are developing & improving, and it will be great when Ireland enter a team which will make it a full Home Nations event.

I felt our England squad played with determination & enthusiasm and fully deserved the great comments and accolades from local spectators. They really wanted to do well in this outdoor Championship having won the Indoor event last time and they certainly stepped up to the mark. I am very proud of the squad.

England now has number of experience county players which not only strengthens the International squad but allows our younger players the opportunity to learn and develop. This type of event sets the bench mark for those aspiring to represent England and as DBE player numbers rise the fight for places will become much tougher, but all the more rewarding”

Wales : John Wilson As Team Manager, this event was a great opportunity to introduce a large number of new bowlers who attained their first welsh cap into the International scene. It provided an opportunity to experience high level competition against some seasoned bowlers from Scotland and England on greens of a high quality.
Some quality bowling was on display from many of our players and as a Team Manager I was delighted by what I saw from new and established bowlers. This bodes well for our development as we continue in our commitment towards inclusion in sport and increasing the numbers of players available for international selection for the future. A superb venue and a great event that we enjoyed participating in and a definite success in our first step to rebuilding following our commonwealth games success with the continued support from Disability sport Wales.”

Report by Mo Monkton, DBE – June 2018.

Pictures from the event in the gallery.

5 thoughts on “Home Nations Championship Report

  1. As a player in the event I thought the organisation of the event was superb.
    The three greens were in tremendous condition and the members of Clarence BC made an exceptional effort to make us all feel welcome, cared for and important.
    I, genuinely, felt that the overall score flattered England, both Wales and Scotland have promising players coming through and that will only strengthen them in years to come. I loved the enthusiasm of the young Welsh players.
    I thought the standard of the bowling was, at times, sensational, and applaud the efforts of all the participants.
    I was lucky enough to finish my singles match against Scotland in time to watch my VI fours team-mates against Scotland. The quality of the bowling from both teams was astounding, I am, and continue to be, in awe of their abilities.
    In summary I think the event moved the quality of the Disability Bowls agenda forward in a remarkable step change.

    Well done everyone who played, organised, managed and facilitated.


    Mike Robertson

  2. I Just Want To Say Well Done To England last Sunday you had a fantastic weekend at Clarence Park Bowls Club In Weston Super Mare hopefully I Will Be In it in the future just need category’s on they do me good

  3. Great report, of a fantastic weekend.
    Just one small error, although won’t make any difference from result. Jonathan Stokes 4’s match against Wales result isn’t correct. Can’t remember exact score, but on 13th end, England picked up a 7. Not sure if you still have score cards

  4. As the team captain I could not have been more proud of the England team. The team spirit and togetherness was tremendous and it has become an intrigal part of the make up of the England set up.
    The competition was superbly organised right down to the fantastic weather (not sure who was responsible for that!). One of the highlights for me was how the three new caps jelled into the team, as if they had always been there.
    The future for DBE is looking very good but let us not be too complacent as we know that both Scotland and Wales are developing their squads plus the re-introduction of an Irish team means there’s still work to do.
    One last comment, what an honour to see and speak to the legend that is David Bryant, brilliant!!!!

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