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DBE at Kibworth Bowls Club

DBE at Kibworth Bowls Club

DBE’s Coach for Visually Impaired bowlers, David Stott, took a trip up to Kibworth (Leicestershire) on Friday 3rd August in response to the club’s request for input for their coaching team on working with VI bowlers. Complete novice V.I. bowler Niall Graham has decided to take the game up and, being a former international Para-athlete in the GoalBall team, he’s determined to give his Dad, Ian (himself a Scottish international VI bowler) a run for his money on the bowling green.

Kibworth BC was keen to ‘get it right’ from the outset and David was able to demonstrate use of the string and front-coaching – along with ‘calling the clock’ – to support the club coaches in their work with Niall and any future VI bowlers they might have.

L to R: Coaches Geoff Dobson & Madeline Butler, Niall Graham, Coach Ron Atton and DBE’s David Stott.

Coach Madeline ‘front coaching’ while Geoff Dobson looks on.


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