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DBE Annual Presentation – 2018

DBE Annual Presentation – 2018

Nearly 80 bowlers and friends congregated at Solihull IBC for the DBE Annual Presentation.The day started early on Saturday afternoon with some bowlers going through the Classification process.  Afterwards bowlers took part in a fun game of Hot Spot.  Three groups of bowlers were each made into 2 teams competing in a conventional game of bowls but with a Hot Spot 2 metres behind the jack.  The object was not only to draw to the jack but also to stop on the Hot Spot and earn an extra 5 points for each bowl.  Bowlers from as young as 6 had great fun in this game of skill and tactics.  Winners won a box of chocolates.

After the fun the buffet was served.  Amply fed it was Awards time compared by Maggie Smith and Mo Monkton with Awards presented by sponsor Steve Watson, Head of ST Sports.  Because trophies are presented at the individual competitions it was decided to represent them for all members to see. 

L to R: Dave Fisher, Jonathan Stokes, Kieran Rollings, Bob Love, Steve Angus, Chris Gray, John Rogers & Mac Otton

Following presentation of Trophies came DBE’s Annual Special Awards:

Special Achievement Award winner for day to day updating of our website – John Rogers
Player of the Year – Kieran Rollings
Most Improved Player of the Year – Khalila Hussain and Tim Swann

The committee had great difficulty deciding who was the Most Improved Player resulting in a joint award.

Following the Awards came the draw for the first ever Autumn Raffle.  Click the link to see the list of prizes and their winners:  Winners

The evening ended about 9pm after a short quiz.

The whole of the DBE committee, annual presentation organisers, helpers and Sponsor are thanked for all their hard work and making this a fantastic evening for the bowlers and friends, 

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  1. I Really Enjoyed At Solihull Indoor Bowls Club last Saturday it was very good And I Won Disability Bowls England Non Classified Singles this year Because its a Brilliant Achievement For What I have got at the moment hopefully next year I will get my Classified So fingers crossed.

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