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Learning Disabilities Indoor Bowls International Series

Learning Disabilities Indoor Bowls International Series

On the 5th and 6th of June 2019 Falkirk Indoor Bowls Club will host the inaugural Learning Disabilities Indoor Bowls International Series.  The countries involved are England, Scotland and Wales.  Teams of 12 mixed gender bowlers will compete to lift the Munro cup.  Each team will be divided into four groups of three playing singles and pairs and then joining together to play triples.  The England team are very excited at being given the opportunity to represent their country.  They are Chris Gray, Daniel Adams, Harry Atkin, Amy Brooks, Gemma Broadhead, Barry Nicholson, Steven Nicholson, Andrew Bayston (all DBE) and Lucas Manousios, Rhys Milton, Dougal Watson and Carlos Hazell.

3 thoughts on “Learning Disabilities Indoor Bowls International Series

  1. I am So Excited To Play For England Team in The Tri Nations at Scotland because i am doing so far with My Disability Bowls England right now at the moment and I got My Indoor Classification so that is really good so I must take some photos with me and a England Shirt For Putting On I Bet Marie Nicholson is very pleased with Me.

  2. Good Luck too all those Selected too Represent DBE… The whole DBE are behind you….Good luck All and Enjoy the Experience.

  3. Wow We have did it England Team yeahhh The Munro Cup Trophy I Bowl Really Well At Falkirk Indoor Bowls Club in Scotland I Won 4 Games This Week And I Bet Marie Nicholson and David Nicholson are very Pleased with The Munro Cup Trophy. I Think They are Going To do it again Next Year in Wales perhaps So if you want a Another England Shirt Please let Marie Nicholson Know as soon as possible okay regards Chris Gray

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