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DBE Inter Region Indoor Challenge

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DBE held the Top Inter Region Tournament Maggy Smith playing for the ‘Margaret Smith Shield’ on 6th April at Gedling IBC, Nottingham.  The teams comprised:-

Gary Swift (Captain), Steve Angus, Tim Swann, Alastair Domville, Helen Wood & Andrew Bayton.

Steve Ireland (Captain), Jonathan Stokes, Dave Fisher, Ray Cross, Mick Belcher & Craig Bowler.

Kieran Rollings (Captain), Colin Milner, Dylan  Morton, Ryhs Taylor, Chris Gray & Mark Cooper.

Khalila Hussain (Captain), Joe Peplow, Keith Haggerwood, Val Groom, Harry Atkin & Colin Wagstaff

It was a good tournament with many very close results but Team  East played brilliantly winning all of their matches and finishing with a total score of 15 points.

Team South came second with 7 points, North with 4 points and West with 2.

The format was 2 rinks of triples from each region, playing each of the other regions.  2 points for a win 1 for a draw , bonus points awarded to teams winning on both of their rinks in a session.

A buffet was provided for players, helpers and supporters, following the presentation of trophies.


Tournament Gallery:  Top Region

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