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DBE vs Sawbridgeworth B C Report

DBE vs Sawbridgeworth B C Report

We had a great afternoon with some excellent bowling.  Unfortunately we lost on all our triples as you can see, with the overall score 46-61.  Jake and Thomas Martin had a very profitable afternoon when a spectator said he would give them a pound if they hit the jack.  A few pounds later he stopped!!!!  New members Dan Rogers and Michelle White bowled well and enjoyed their first friendly with DBE.
My thanks go to the members of Sawbridgeworth BC especially Captain Robin and Natalie Chalcraft for their kindness and hospitality.
Report and photos by DBE Captain Colin Milner.

2 thoughts on “DBE vs Sawbridgeworth B C Report

  1. On behalf of Sawbridgeworth BC we would like to thank the team for coming and helping us celebrate our hundred years. We had a great afternoon of fun and bowling and making new friends.
    We hope Disability Bowls England will bring a team next year.

  2. On behalf of Griffin Bowls Club Harlow ,this was a great after noon at Sawbridgworth a very good and friendly match was had. My partner and I was cheering on for the DBE as our member Danial Adams was playing for the DBE the players of
    Sawbridgeworth made us very welcome .

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