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Steve Bigg wins ‘Most Improved Player’ Award

Disability Bowls England is delighted to announce that the ‘Most Improved Player’ Award for 2019 goes to Northamptonshire’s Steve Bigg.

This was one of the hardest decisions for the panel to make, with many players making a significant improvement over the last 12 months.

DBE sees people who have never played bowls now playing in friendly matches as well as the club player progressing in county and national competitions and those who achieve international recognition.

The panel looked at events over the last indoor and outdoor season and identified a number of key factors that made Steve a worthy recipient of the award:

  • Through injury and pain, Steve continued to participate in club and DBE events improving with each match
  • He attended group coaching sessions and arranged personal sessions to help raise standard of play
  • Although not always a winner, Steve’s improvement resulted in coming very close to winning several DBE competitions over the last 12 months
  • He played well in the DBE Inter Region events, Inter Club Triples, Gedling Open Pairs and also performed well in the Test Matches against Australia this summer
  • Steve was recently selected to join the Indoor High-Performance Squad

Steve has proven that practice, competition play and sheer dedication can improve performance, and DBE was delighted to recognise this by presenting him as the

We are delighted to award Northamptonshire’s Steve Bigg with the ‘Most Improved Player’ Award for 2019.

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