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Team England Learning Disabilities Squad

Happy New Year and what a way to start 2023 with a Big Bang announcement.

We are very pleased to announce the Team England Learning Disabilities Squad to take part in the Learning Disabilities Indoor Bowls International Series (LDIBIS) at York IBC 25-27 April for the Munro Cup 2023, against Bowls Scotland & Bowls Wales.

Team England Squad:

  • Chris Gray – Wellingborough IBC
  • Daniel Adams – Tye Green IBC
  • Sally Darby – Desborough IBC Maidenhead
  • Barry Nicholson – Leeds IBC
  • Steven Nicholson – Leeds IBC
  • Harry Atkin – Church Gresley IBC
  • Gemma Broadhead – Selby IBC
  • Rhys Milton – Barwell IBC
  • Andrew Dale – Plymouth Life Centre
  • Dougal Watson – Desborough IBC Maidenhead
  • Chris McPherson – New Earswick IBC
  • Will Sharman – New Earswick IBC
  • Lucas Manousios – Wakefield BC
  • Ross Bolland – Wakefield BC

Marie Nicholson (Team Manager)
Dave Nicholson (Assistant Team Manager)
Support Staff: Ray Gray, Stevie Angus and John Rogers.

Once again Disability Bowls England Charity Trust will be fully supporting “Team England” and we have set up a crowdfunding page and hope you will help us raise enough funds to send a team of 14 players and support staff to cover travel, accommodation, and food cost plus help provide specialist coaching and training for support staff.

“We are Stronger Together”

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  1. Hi Steve Watson How are you good I hope you are doing Ok at The Moment yeah Can I Just Say Thank you for doing The Crowdfunder on Website and I Think its Absolutely Marvelous yeah I do like the photo of me on they with My 4 trophy’s at The DBE Presentation Evening Last Year and I did had a Successful Last Year Did I Steve Watson. Regards Chris Gray

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