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Proving Bowls is for Everyone

It’s that time of year again to launch our new major Campaign slogan for
2023/24 ‘Proving Bowls is for Everyone’.

Bowls is a unique game which anyone of any age, gender, ethnicity, or
disability , be is physical, visual, sensory or those with a learning
disability can play.

Play with friends old and new, family and team mates to whatever standard
they can attain, there are few barriers. It is time to celebrate the
inclusive nature of our sport and “Proving Bowls is for Everyone”.

I would like to thank everyone for supporting our 2022/23 campaign
“Supporting Bowlers with a disABILITY”.

2022 was an outstanding year for Disability Bowls England, where we have
showcased across England and to the Rest of the World, our ability on and
off the greens of play and have raised the profile of our sport 1000%, Won
the Para Home Nations Indoor & Outdoor Championships and Won two Bronze
medals at the Home Commonwealth Games 2022.

All the hard work has paid off and our DBE Bowls Family membership has grown
to 450 members, of which 173 have a physical disability, 83 have a visual
impairment, 57 have learning difficulties, 10 have a hearing impairment, the
balance are supporters or volunteers and will include VI directors. Between
the PD and VI players 124 have a classification and we have introduced 3 new
approved bowls wheelchairs and other bowling aids into the Bowls Community.

Our Disability Friendly member clubs have increased to 193 who have opened
their doors to be more inclusive and welcoming to all, thanks to the
dedicated work of our great team of volunteers, members, and their families
& friends.

‘Proving Bowls is for Everyone’.

Thank You

“We are Stronger Together”
Steve Watson

Chairperson Disability Bowls England

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