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Paralympics in Crisis?

I have posted this article on our web site & social media pages, as its very damaging to Disability Sport around the World and once again calls into question the Classification systems used by different sports at the highest level.

A review is underway of the Classification Systems for all world sports, and I will keep you all updated of its findings.

Paralympics in crisis as international and Australian athletes game the system – ABC News

3 thoughts on “Paralympics in Crisis?

  1. I found this article a wonderful read, yet not surprising. I totally agree with many of the contributors that the only way forward to combating this issue is the introduction of an independent body and a level of consequences that athletes and coaches have to face if found guilty of misrepresentation. Paralympic sport needs to get this right and quickly if it is to keep the improvements it has made particularly in global interest in disability sport.

  2. Bob is correct. I myself have experienced potential corruption with IBD Classifications. It’s a joke! I’m currently writing a blog on my experiences, all factual and backed up with evidence, on the horrific way I’ve seen disabled people treated, and it’s only to keep those who crave power in jobs!
    The very fact the IBD are holding their own WCs in 2024 proves this – THEY don’t want to integrate, so let’s please all stop with the “not included” BS!

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