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Proposed Representative DBE Team England for IBD World Championships

Sue Davies (DBE Performance & Team Manager) is pleased to announce our proposed REPRESENTATIVE DBE Team England for the International Bowls for the Disabled World Championships 18-31 May 2024 in South Africa.

Congratulations to everyone selected.

Classification Name Club County
B1 Keith Brenton Lyndhurst BC Durham
B2 Ron Homer Yeovil BC Somerset
B2 Marjorie Convey West Harrow BC Middlesex
B3 John Hollowell Bridgman BC Bedfordshire
  Lidka Hollowell Bridgman BC Bedfordshire
  Kelvin Horriben   Nottinghamshire
  Nigel Morgan Haydon Wick BC Wiltshire
  Moira Sheehan   Nottinghamshire
B6 Colin Wagstaff Oakham BC Leicestershire
B7 Colin Milner Hoddesdon & Rye Park BC Hertfordshire
B7 Jack Pullin Bredon BC Worcestershire
B7 Jennie Sandford Lindfield BC Sussex
B7 Luke Smith Byefield BC Northamptonshire
B7 Jonathan Stokes Luton Town BC Bedfordshire
B8 Dave Fisher Colchester West End BC Essex
B8 Mike McDonagh Cheam BC Surrey
B8 Anthony Page Congresbury BC Somerset


  1. We have announced our Team early so fund raising can take place.
  2. This event is totally self funded at the moment.
  3. We are still waiting for final Confirmation of number of counties and which classification are attending.
  4. A minimum of four entries for any classification competition is required. If less than four entries are received that classification competition will not take place.

Once we have received more information and answers to all our questions, WE WILL THEN FINALLY DECIDE BEFORE THE MIDDLE OF DECEMBER 2023 IF DBE TEAM ENGLAND WILL BE ATTENDING THIS EVENT

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