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World Disabled Bowls Championships New Zealand 2015

Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.
15th – 28th February 2015.

A squad of visually impaired and physically disabled players raised their own funds and travelled to New Zealand to compete with 10 other counties in the International Disabled World Bowls Championships.

England was represented by a man and women in each of the visually impaired classifications B1-B4 and along with a helper/director each, competed in the singles and mixed pairs events.

Sarah Marshall won a bronze medal in the B1 ladies singles.

Nancy Cheeseman won a silver medal in the B2 ladies singles.

Ron Homer won the gold medal in the B2 mens singles

Terry Mathews won a silver medal in the B4 mens singles.

The physically disabled players fall into classifications B5-B8 and unfortunately England could not provide any players in the B5 class, no man in the B7 or lady in the B8.

However, the players that attended the event did well playing in the singles and mixed events.

Paul Brown won a silver medal in the B6 mens singles.

Irene Cheer won a bronze in the B7 ladies singles.

Paul Brown and Val Bradley won a bronze in the B6 mixed pairs.

In bringing home a total of 8 medals, England were very pleased to have won enough matches to come 3rd in the World Cup placing behind South Africa and New Zealand.

It was a tough tournament with the greens faster than expected and the conditions pretty windy, but the players adapted well and fully deserved their massive medal haul.

Thanks go to sponsors Aceit, Wheal Jane Group , The Dorset Resort and the EIBA who all combined to provide travelling shirts, new playing shirts & jackets and pens to give to opponents.

Margaret Smith
DBE Secretary

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