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Ann Trotman Memorial Singles

At Gedling IBC, Nottingham
14th & 15th March 2015.

The tournament was well attended with bowlers with a mixture of disabilities.

There were one or two of the regulars missing due to injury and illness, Bob Love has an op on his leg , Dave Walker hurt his back last year and hasn’t bowled since July, still having physio and Ben Hopkin but hopes to be fit for the next event. On the plus side we had 4 new names join us for the weekend, 2 from VIBE and 2 bowlers who are now joining EALABA.

The competition was played in 4 groups, round robin. The group winners were Dave Fisher from EALABA lives in Colchester, Terry Mathews from VIBE lives in the south west, George Pierrepoint, CP Sport from Nottingham, Alastair Domville CP Sport from York.

George beat Alastair and Terry beat Dave, both close games.
The final was a ‘cracker’, all square on the penultimate end, Terry eventually winning by two shots. Just how a final should be!

The prize, a cut glass decanter, was donated by Mrs Dorothy Coleman one of the Gedling club helpers. There was of course also a bottle to fill it and a bottle of bubbly for the runner up. The Ann Trotman cup and prizes were presented by Steve Poyser the club secretary.

Everyone, including the new participants, said how much they had enjoyed the weekend and have signed up for the other disability tournaments at the club.

Well done to all the bowlers for an entertaining and exciting weekend. BIG thanks to all of the helpers, they were wonderful as always!

Next event – Plant Welding Triples – 13th & 14th June at Gedling IBC.

Margaret Smith
DBE Secretary

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