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Club Profile – Jacks IBC

The latest 2014/2015 Love Fisher Brown award entrant to be profiled is the Jacks IBC, in Essex, Jacks IBCwho have been developing their facility over a number of years to ensure that it is accessible and inclusive for disabled bowlers. Tony Allen, former president of the British Wheelchair Bowling Assocation, has been on hand to advise on this process and through his link with the Friends of Disabled Bowlers Essex County (FODBEC) an ongoing commitment to providing participation opportunities for disabled people has been established.

In addition to the monthly meetings of the FODBEC group, who also assist at open days and demonstrate the appropriate usage of the adaptive equipment available, Jacks IBCThe Jacks IBC also have 10 disabled members within the club who compete at a range of levels with Lee Davis taking part in elite competitions such as the Australian Paralympics.

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