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Player Profile – Steve Angus

As part of the month-long promotion of disability bowls in England, Disability Bowls England has prepared several case studies in to bowls players, today we are looking at our first elite bowler Steve Angus, who although he is just about to compete in his first Cerebral Palsy World Games he is no stranger to international competition having won the British Isles Fours in 2013.

Steve AngusWhy and how did you start playing bowls?
I started bowling at a very early age with my parents and family friend getting me starting outdoors at the age of fourteen and then moving onto indoors.

What do you enjoy about the sport and what keeps you coming back?
I love bowls, I like the competitive nature of the game as well as the social aspects, meeting of new people and making friends. It also provides some good exercise for me.

What have you achieved in bowls so far?
I won the English Indoor Bowls Association four title in 2012 and then went on in 2013 to win the British Isles Title.

What are your future ambitions in bowls?
I would love to repeat my previous success in winning an EIBA Title and British Isles title. It would also be good to win a disabled tournament, therefore I am hoping to perform well at the CP Games with the possibility of bringing some medals back to the North East.

How do you feel about being chosen to represent England in the CP World Games and what are you hoping to achieve?
To be part of the CPISRA World Games is fantastic feat for me as it is the 1st year I have competed in disability bowls. I hope to play well and enjoy the experience of representing my country and to then hopefully win a medal for me to take back to the north east.

Could you tell us a bit about how your cerebral palsy affects you?
My Cerebral Palsy affects the right side of my body, both my arm and leg, as well as affecting my balance.

How has taking part in sport changed your life and how does it make you feel?
Taking part in sport in my case bowls has made me more active and in the process of my career so far I have made some fantastic friends. The chances you get in sport make you feel special, currently being selected to represent your country is a great honour and I feel proud and I am very much looking forward to it.

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