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Club Profile – Sevenoaks IBC

The latest 2014/2015 Love Fisher Brown award entrant to be profiled is Sevenoaks IBC. Sevenoaks IBCThe club have had a thriving disability bowls section for the past 15 years and since the members took over the centre in 2004, numerous pieces of adaptive equipment have been purchased or developed by members.

Every Tuesday at Sevenoaks there are on average around 30 disabled participants including people with visual and physical impairments and Downs Syndrome sufferers taking part in bowls activities from 12-4pm. They are supported by carers and a team of eight dedicated volunteer club members.

Sevenoaks IBCThe bowlers thoroughly enjoy the activity and have commented how that not only this is having a positive impact on them physically, but also having more social contact outside of their usual environment.

Sevenoaks IBC website:

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