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Grass Roots Player Case Study

As part of the month-long promotion of disability bowls in England, DBE has prepared several case studies in to bowls players, today we are looking at our second grass roots bowler Paul Akers, who although only taking up bowls in the last month is taking part in the CP World Games.

grass roots - Paul AkersWhy and how did you start playing bowls?
I played Boccia for about 5 years but have recently been classified out of the sport. So I recently went along to a CP Sport BowlStart event to have a go at playing bowls, I am very new to the sport

What have you achieved in sport so far and what are you ambitions in bowls?
In Boccia I have played and triumphed over some of the top players in the country, I am hoping to be able to do the same in the game of bowls. I have a great opportunity to experience bowls at the top level at CP Games, although I am new to the sport I am looking forward to competing and to do the best I can.

Could you tell us a bit about how your cerebral palsy affects you?
Mainly affects my balance which is why I use a chair. I am currently getting used to the specialist bowls wheelchairs, which so far I am finding a little interesting.

How has taking part in sport changed your life and how does it make you feel?
Playing sport has enabled me to meet lots of new people, made me more active and got me out and about and not sitting at home watching the television. Sport has given me a sense of belonging, feeling part of something, especially when being part of a team.

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