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Disability Package Funding

One of the aims of Disability Bowls August is to raise the profile of disability bowls, to inspire clubs and individuals to develop the opportunities they currently have or to create additional inclusive activities. At the Bowls Development Alliance, there is a funding source to support clubs through this type of process called the “National Package Funding Scheme”. aug-07-1The scheme is a tool to support clubs in their participation events and funding is available for club to host Play Bowls Days, Play Bowls4Fun introductory sessions and one off events, all aimed at raising participation within the club structure.

The disability funding package is a small part of a much wider picture within the sport of bowls, a way of encouraging clubs to engage and support more disabled participation. Through this scheme, clubs can access up to £550 to support their events and developments.

Paul Humphreys, Development Manager and Disability Lead for the BDA says the Disability Package, in particular, forms a key part of the Bowls Development Alliance’s support offer to clubs and other organisations. “The disability package is a fantastic opportunity for clubs to engage with their local community and to develop new partnerships. We have already seen some tremendous examples of success and are hoping that more clubs and organisations will apply for disability package funding, and in doing so take the first step to developing an even more inclusive and accessible sport for today and the future”.

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