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Player Profile – Steve Bigg

As part of the month-long promotion of disability bowls in England, Disability Bowls England have prepared several case studies in to bowls players, today we are looking at a grass roots bowler Steve Bigg, who has only started playing bowls in the last four years. Steve is one of many Wheelchair Bowlers who use a bowls buggy to play.

Why and how did you start playing bowls?
I have always been a keen sportsman so when I had to make to decision to stop playing wheelchair basketball I needed to find something else to get involved in, so with the help of several friends and my brother who asked me if I would like to have a go at bowls I did and have enjoyed it ever since.

What do you enjoy about the sport and what keeps you coming back?
The thing I enjoy about the sport of bowls is the skill that is required to get close to the jack, as well as the tactical aspects of game combined with an opportunity to make new friends and have a good social time. It is possibly the best sport that I have ever played and I just want to improve my game more and more.

What have you achieved in bowls so far?
My successes so far include finishing runners up in British Wheelchair Bowling Association pair’s competition as well as winning the British Legion County Pairs.

What are your future ambitions in bowls?
I would like to continue to improve and develop my game so I play regularly for my club, also because of me being a keen sportsman to hopefully represent my country

If you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to take up bowls what would it be?
Just give it a go and enjoy yourself, as there are not many games which challenge you at the same time as having fun.

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