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Project Profile – Sports for all in Sussex

sports-for-all-in-sussexThe Bowls Development Alliance have been working in partnership with Sports for all in Sussex. They provide various sport sessions for adults with learning difficulties. Through the Just Bowl offer, the Bowls Development Alliance have been able to engage with Sports for all in Sussex and offer sessions based at Shinewater Sports Centre, Eastbourne.

Gabbi Simmonds, Sports Development Worker for Sports for all in Sussex, said of the project;
“Since November 2014 Sports for All in Sussex have extended their programme to participants across the East of the county providing over 100 Adults 16+ with Learning Disabilities the opportunity to take part in Short matt bowls. This has taken place between Peacehaven and Rother District and numbers are rising as the sport continuously becomes more popular for those with disabilities and mental health issues. Lots of participants say they have really enjoyed learning new skills and taking part in the mini competitions the sessions include offering an enjoyable experience whilst getting more active on a weekly basis”.

Through this partnership the BDA have been able to work with and develop the on-site coach, Ollie Miller. Ollie runs the bowls sessions on a fortnightly basis with the group and has been through the Just Bowl Leader module.

The free trial period of equipment enabled Sport for all in Sussex to engage 31 disabled participants over the age of 16. This an example of an excellent project which takes bowls into new locations and continues to be enjoyed by those at Shinewater.

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