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Updated Advisory Guide released by the Bowls Development Alliance

March 2014 saw the BDA launch two advisory guides intended to provide additional information and support for clubs and individuals. The first of these guides was the “Guide to Disabled Participation”. This aimed to provide additional information regarding:

  • Impairment specific adaptions that clubs may consider making to ensure the sport is as accessible as possible for disabled bowlers
  • Case studies from clubs across the country who are already providing excellent participation opportunity for disabled people
  • Information regarding the participation pathways which disabled bowlers may wish to follow
  • Information regarding Coach Bowls courses, including the “Working with Disabled Bowlers module”
  • Advice on Safeguarding including details of the “Safeguarding in Bowls” module which all clubs are encouraged to attend
  • An overview of the National Disability Survey and its key findings
  • Details of the Love Fisher Brown Award
  • Useful contacts across a range of key organisations

Accompanying the Guide to Disabled Participation, the “Adaptive Equipment and Funding Guide” was also developed which provided information regarding:

  • Product details, including prices, of adaptive equipment referenced in the Guide to Disabled Participation
  • Potential funding sources for clubs and individuals to access to purchase equipment
  • Useful contacts across a range of key organisations

These two guides have now been brought together to form “A guide to disabled people’s participation” which is now available! To download your copy visit If you require hardcopies of the guides, please email

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