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GIT’s Revival Tour February 2016

Many years ago my husband Colin and I arranged weekend bowling tours for members and friends of our club. Last year I was asked by a couple of ‘old GIT’s’ if I would organise one for this winter and I agreed.

And so the GIT’s Revival Tour came about. On our early tours we christened the team the GIT’s, the abbreviation stands for the ‘Gedling Indoor Tourists’ of course, although some suggest it has a double meaning! I can’t think what?
The members and friends who were invited were the bowlers who kindly gave their time to help with the events we run during in the year for bowlers with disability.
A total of 36 old GIT’s and new left Nottingham at 10.45am on Friday 19th February for a two night stay in Scarborough at the Cumberland Hotel.
On our journey up to Scarborough we stopped off at Hornsea IBC for our first fixture of the weekend. The match was played in good spirit with our team winning on 3 rinks and loosing on 3. The match was lost by 9 shots.
Saturday morning we had free time for those wanted to explore followed by our second match of the weekend against Scarborough IBC. This finished in a win for the GIT’s , much to the amazement of the host team as apparently they never get beaten! No one was more amazed than I as we lost by 36 shots on one rink! We won on 5 rinks and nearly lost the game.
Sunday morning saw us all up and ready to leave at 9.45 am to start our journey back home, stopping off at New Earswick IBC for a match at 12.30pm. Our driver, kindly dropped off two of the party who were not bowling , in York for a few hours sight- seeing.
Each day the team improved and on this occasion won by 20 shots. After the match we all sat down for roast beef and of course, Yorkshire pud.
The eventual winners over the three matches were Nancy Ahmed on plus 41 shots for the ladies and Tony Reeve on plus 32 for the men. For each match we had a different captain, David West, Ann King and Steve Poyser. Taking the daily bets was ‘Honest John’ Scott the Bookie, Eunice Lawson was in charge of the number card and I was the Bingo caller.
Everyone contributed to the joy and fun of the weekend in so many ways. The fines and the number card monies totalled £140.71 and will be donated to Disability Bowls England. I would like to thank all concerned for their continued support for the disability bowls events and for their generosity, good humour and friendship, as they made it a wonderful weekend away.

Margaret Smith
Event organiser and DBE Sec.

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