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DBE National Indoor Pairs Report 2017

DBE National Indoor Pairs Report 2017

The entry response to this first National Pairs event was exceptional, with the maximum of sixteen team places being filled within the first 3 weeks of the entry forms being sent out. The entry was open to all members of DBE irrelevant of disability.

The event was held at Solihull IBC, Birmingham on Saturday 14th January 2017. The format for the competition was a one day knock-out event with the first round losing teams going into a ‘Plate’ knock-out, thus guaranteeing all bowlers at least two matches. The draw was done as the teams arrived to ensure a truly fair competition.

DBE Indoor National Pairs Competitors 2017
Indoor National Pairs Competitors 2017

Early in the week before the event, the weather forecast was terrible, with heavy snow and icy conditions forecast for all areas. There was great concern as to whether we should cancel but, as the week went along, almost every day the forecast changed so we decided to go ahead and run with whatever bowlers showed up.

Amazingly, everyone turned up, bowlers and volunteers alike!

Our bowlers came from Sunderland the furthest north, Somerset and Kent in the south and all points in between. The south east region turned out to get the worst of the weather with snow and ice, but undeterred, setting off in the early hours in some cases, all 32 bowlers arrived safely along with family and friends to support! All credit to their incredible dedication to the sport, and to Disability Bowls England alike.

List of teams

Mac Otton (Warks) & Dave Fisher (Essex)
Paul Hawkes (London) & Les Smith (Essex)
Simon Wright (E Yorks) & Gary Swift (Yorks)
Gemma Broadhead (E Yorks) & Chris Gray (Northants)
David Stearn (Cambs) & Ray Smith (Staffs)
Chris Richards (Warks) & Colin Wagstaff (Lincs)
Pauline Shanley (Surrey) & Percy Powell (Gt London)
Gavin Shinn (Surrey) & Paul Mahoney (Surrey)
Jonathan Stokes (Beds) & Barry Jones (Essex)
Gill Platt (E Sussex) & Irene Cheer (E Yorks)
Bob Love (Staffs) & Kieran Rollings (Northants)
Marjorie Convey (Middlesex) & Jeanette Maisey (Wilts)
Steve Angus (Sunderland) & Paul Brown (Somerset)
June Holroyd (Yorks) & Bob Booth (W Yorks)
Gareth Harwood (W Yorks) & Paul Davies (Gloucs)
David Turner (Kent) & Laurie Turner (Kent)

These teams won their first round matches and went into the 2nd round of the National Pairs. The rest of the teams went into the ‘Plate’ competition.  The standard of play was very high and most of the matches were very close in scores, with two of the four semi-finals going to an extra end.

Semi-finals for the National Pairs

Mac Otton & Dave Fisher v Gemma Broadhead & Chris Gray.  When the whistle signalled the end of the match the score was 12 – 12 which meant an extra end was played to decide the match, with Chris and Gemma taking one shot to finish 13 – 12. A great game!

Gill Platt & Irene Cheer v Bob Love & Kieran Rollings.

2017 Indoor Pairs finalists

On the last end it was 7 shots to the girls and 9 to the men BUT with only one bowl to go, the girls were holding 3 match winning shots, and what happened? Bob spoilt their day and bowled in for shot snatching away their chance to go through to the final!

In fairness, Kieran and Bob’s journey to the final was by no means an easy one. In their first game they came from behind, winning by one shot, on a very tight measure to beat Gavin Shinn and Paul Mahoney. In their second game, they won again by only one shot against Les Smith and Paul Hawkes and then by one shot again in the semi-final.

Plate semi-final

Simon Wright & Gary Swift v Chris Richards & Colin Wagstaff.  This match also went to an extra end, the score at the end of the game being 10 – 10. Simon and Gary scored 3 shots on the extra end to go through to the final.

Percy Powell & Pauline Shanley v David Turner & Laurie Turner (no relation). This match was all square at the halfway stage after which, Pauline and Percy surged ahead winning the last five ends, making the final score 12 shots to 5.

National Final

Gemma Broadhead & Chris Gray v Kieran Rollings & Bob Love

Chris & Gemma
Bob & Kieran

This match looked like being a real ‘tussle’. At five ends it was 5 all. At ten ends it was 17 shots to 8 with Kieran and Bob in front, but then followed the ‘come back’. Gemma and Chris won the next four ends but sadly for them, ran out of time. The whistle blew and the final score was 17 – 14 to Bob and Kieran.

Plate Final

Simon Wright & Gary Swift v Pauline Shanley & Percy Powell.

It was quite a different story in this final. Simon and Gary forged ahead winning end after end, mainly by only 1 shot but Pauline and Percy just couldn’t make headway. At the end of the game the score was 15 – 1 to Simon and Gary.

Gary & Simon
Pauline & Percy








It was a long but successful day. Spectators were treated to many wonderful exhibitions of bowling and lots of exciting moments.

All competitors are to be congratulated on their high standard of play, their camaraderie, their good sportsmanship and fairness on the green.

At the presentation of trophies, thanks were given to the club, the volunteers, helpers, family and friends for making the whole event a great success and enjoyable for all concerned.

Margaret Smith, DBE Sec, Competition Sec. and Trophy Presenter

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