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DBE Indoor Top Region Challenge 2017 Report

DBE Indoor Top Region Challenge 2017 Report

This event was held at Gedling IBC , Nottingham on Sunday April 9th.  Each of the four regions, North, Midlands, South East and South West put two rinks of triples as follows:

North  1:  Irene Cheer, Keith Urquhart and Gary Swift (Captain)
North  2:  Simon Wright, Bob Booth and Steve Angus

Midlands  1:  Tim Swann, Keiran Rollings and Bob Love (Captain)
Midlands  2:  Steve Bigg, Colin Wagstaff and Mike Robertson

South East  1:  Percy Powell, Paul Mahoney and Gavin Shinn 
South East  2:  Paul Hawkes, Jon Stokes (Captain) and Steve Ireland

South West  1:  Graig Murrey, Ray Smith and Paul Brown (Captain)
South West  2:  George Ridgeon, Dean Robinson and Kevin Vernon

Inter Region Competitors

The regions Team 1’s played each other as did the Team 2’s in a round robin format. 2 points were awarded for a win 1 for a draw and in the event that both team won against the same team a Bonus point was awarded.

First Round

North 1   9  –  South East 1   9  :  North 2   4  –  South East 2   13
Midlands 1   21  –  South West 1   8  :  Midlands 2   6  –  South West 2   14

Round Two

North 1   14  –  South West 1   5  :  Midlands 1   15  –  South East 1   5
North 2   16  –  South West 2   2  :  Midlands 2   6  –  South East 2   15

North get bonus points for two wins

Round Three

North 1   9  –  Midlands 1   10  :  South West 1   19  –  South East 1   3
North 2   8  –  Midlands 2   8  :  South West 2   16  –  South East 2   3

South West get bonus points for two wins

Final Results

North – 7 points with plus 13 shots

Winners North Region

Midlands – 7 points with plus 9 shots
South West – 7 points with plus 1 shot
South East – 5 points

It was good to see some new faces at the event as well as welcoming many regulars to Gedling.

The day went really well, with some excellent displays of bowling and finished off nicely with a hot meal and presentation of trophies by Shirley Hughes OBE, member of the DBE Board.

Shirley thanked the bowlers for travelling from all parts of the country and acknowledge their dedication to the sport.  The sponsors Sporting Highlights, the caterers and last, but not least, the dedicated helpers of Gedling IBC who turn out time after time to help at our events.

Our next event is the Maiden Singles on May 6th, once again at Gedling IBC.

The entry is now full and we look forward to welcoming yet more new faces to a DBE event.

Margaret Smith – DBE Competition Secretary

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