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Home Nations Champions – 21st/23rd April

ParaBowl Home Nations Championship 2017

The first Indoor ParaBowl Home Nations Champion between Wales, Scotland and England, took place over the weekend of 21st – 23rd April at the eight rink Newport Indoor Bowl Club, South Wales.

On the first day England played Wales in round one of pairs and triples. Two points were awarded for a win and one point for a draw. England dominated the pairs taking all three games. Honours were even in the triples, one win, one draw one loss.  Points at the end of the first day England 9 – Wales 3.

Next, England faced a very strong Scotland and raised their game in the triples, winning two out of three matches. The pairs followed the same score with England winning 2 out of 3 games.

At the end of day 1 England led the table with 17 points, Scotland 4 points and Wales 3 points.

Day 2 saw Scotland play Wales in the first two matches and taking 20 of the available 24 points.

England then played Scotland in the single and fours. This was a fantastic battle between these two highly competitive Nations. England won two of the three fours games, Scotland made the honours even taking two of the three singles games. With six point each England had a moral victory taking 85 shots to 84.

The Championship table at the end of day two was Scotland 30 points, England 23 points, Wales 7 points.

The pressure was back on England going into the last days play. They needed to win on four of the six rinks to secure the championship.

The final match on day 3 was Wales vs England, singles and fours. Wales were eager for victory and Scotland were there to support them.

The battle of the fours was tremendous with only a 9 shot advantage to England over the three matches but taking all 6 points. Wales fought valiantly in the singles winning 16-15 and losing 3-21 and 11-21.

England took the match against Wales 10-2 on points and winning the Championship!

England 33 points, Scotland 30 points and Wales 9 points.

This Championship was played at a very high standard with some breath taking performances. Every bowler taking part, must be congratulated for an excellent performance.

We wish to thank Newport IBC, their staff and caterers for their superb organisation and excellent food. Many thanks to the Officials and Managers of each Country and the Tournament organisers.

Congratulations England – ParaBowl Home Nations Champions 2017

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