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DBE ‘Masters’ Tournament 2017 Notice

DBE ‘Masters’ Tournament 2017

It has been decided to replace the ‘Masters’ Tournament with DBE National Indoor Singles competitions which can be entered by all members of DBE.

On Sunday 7th January 2018 there will be a National Indoor Singles competition at Gedling IBC for members who DO NOT have a valid Classification. This covers all members who have a disability which is not eligible for national and international classification and members who, from October 7th are eligible but have not yet been classified.  Please see the Classification Page for eligible disabilities.

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On Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st January 2018 there will be a National Indoor Singles competition for members WHO DO HAVE an up to date classification. As member numbers increase and we get more members classified we hope to run this event in the future in individual classifications, thus making for a fair and equal competition. This includes physical and visual disabilities.

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Entry forms will be posted on the website for you to return and I will also be emailing them out later.

We are keen to provide keen and meaningful competition for all members.

If you have any questions regarding classification and your status get in touch with me and I will do my best to give you an answer.

Margaret Smith

Tel – 0115 9404609

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