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DBE vs Howard Park Bowls Club

DBE vs Howard Park Bowls Club

On Saturday 11 May DBE played Howard Park at Basingstoke. A big thank you to Peter Bench, captain of Howard Park, for making DBE so welcome and for providing Ian Gourlay and David Collins to play for us.  The match was played in a fantastic spirit with conditions to match and was enjoyed by all. The facilities at Howard Park in their newly refurbished pavilion were second to none.  The green was excellent.  All the DBE team would like to give a big thank you to the catering staff for the post match buffet which was superb.  All at DBE were made to feel extremely welcome and are looking forward to playing there in the future.

Rink 2 – lead Clive Bennett, Ian Gourlay (Howard Park player) & skip  – Stu Read (DBE captain)
Result – home 16 away 13

Rink 3 – lead Khalilia Hussain, Jeanette Maisey & skip – Richard Ball (Visual Director)
Result – home 8 away 31

Rink 4 – lead Steven Smith, David Collins (Howard Park player) & skip – Colin Milner
Result – home 18 away 16

Final result: DBE 60 Howard Park 42

Match report Stu Read

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