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DBE vs Harrogate Indoor Bowls Club

DBE Harrogate IBC.     20th May 2019.

From 11.30 the players and supporters started to arrive, by 12.30 the vast majority had arrived and the atmosphere and expectation had increased, it was a glorious day and the sun had got it’s hat on.

The teams were picked and the rinks sorted, DBE players were as follows:-

Rink 1. Steven Nicholson, Keith Urquhart, Harry Atkins and Steve Angus

Rink 2. Lee Whitely, Gemma Broadhead, John Greaves and Helen Wood

Rink 3. Claire Domville, Tim Swan, Alastair Domville and Gary Swift (Claire stood in for Keith Haggerwood who unfortunately forgot his wheel chair)

Rink 4. Barry Nicholson, Julie Crowe, Jeff Crowe and Bob Love

After the photographs of both teams were taken and the formalities concluded the match began.

There was some excellent bowling on display on all rinks by both teams, the scores were evenly matched throughout the whole game and there was plenty of friendly banter shared amongst the players and supporters throughout. 

DBE got off to a great start with Helen Wood’s team winning 30 – 10, it went slightly down hill after that.  Next off was Bob Love’s team who were 14 – 14 after 16 ends but eventually lost 18 – 14.  Then Steve Angus’s team came off losing 22 – 16 after dropping a three on their last end.  Then some 30 minutes later after four killed ends, Gary Swift’s team came off needing one shot on the last end to get an overall victory for DBE but unfortunately they lost the end by one shot, losing 20 – 10.

So the final score was a draw: DBE 70 – Harrogate IBC, 70. 

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with both teams asking for a rematch.

After the closing speeches were concluded there was a chorus of happy birthday for Tim Swan and cake for everyone.

Report by Gary Swift, DBE  & Harrogate IBC

Photo gallery:  DBE vs Harrogate

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